– 2018 Piston Aircraft of the Year

There is no segment of the aviation world as passionate about their aircraft as the Cub community and whilst the majority of it sits within the Experimental category, however the Carbon Cub XCub is a stand out aircraft in the certified Part 23 category.


The XCub stands out as an extraordinary performer, with a cruise speed of 126kts (145m/h / 233km/h) and a stall speed of just 34kts (39m/h / 63km/h) and a huge 1,084lbs (491kg) useful load.


It is not just the performance that lead to inaugural piston aircraft of the year award, with innovation at the core, the CubCrafters company has pushed the limit of the legendary cub through the use of composite materials spinner to tail producing the lightest, fastest, strongest cub on the market.


The XCub has a spec sheet that reads like a high performance single like the Cirrus SR22, constant speed prop, Carbon Cub ‘G Series’ ailerons with push rod controls, Garmin G3X, synthetic vision, 2-axis autopilot, leather seats and more.



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Class leading performance in an aircraft that is “all class”:

  • General Features: Push rod ailerons for a crisp tactile feel, eliminating cable stretch.
  • Landing Gear: Available with 3 gear configurations, Wipline 2100 amphib or straight floats, traditional bungee gear and the new proprietary aluminium spring gear for less drag (adding 12kts in cruise) and superior damping.
  • Avionics: Fully integrated EFIS in the Garmin G3X as standard, configurable with split screen, synthetic vision. An optional Garmin 2-axis autopilot is also available.
  • Cabin Features: Carbon fibre panelling, 12 storage units surround the cabin, drink holders, USB and 12v charging ports and more.
  • Cabin Design: Unique cabin ergonomics with high seat, 2 side windows and a low-profile instrument panel offer the rare panoramic view for cub pilots.