– 2018 Turboprop of the Year

Whilst the Quest Kodiak has now been in the market for 10 years, 2018 has brought to the market the Kodiak 100 Series II, adding plenty to the already highly capable on and off field STOL aircraft. Competing against possibly the best-selling turboprop of all time the Cessna Caravan (Quest will argue they in fact have no true competition for their aircraft), the Kodiak has class leading performance and superior cabin finishes, marketed as the luxury SUV of aircraft.


Fill it up with fuel, friends, motorbikes (or just about anything else) and go anywhere in style. Whether on the Aerocet 6650 Composite amphibious floats or the Alaskan Bushwheels 29” tires, there are few places in the world that would be able to keep you out!




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Building on an already extraordinary platform the Kodiak 100 Series II offers some great enhancement:

  • General Features: Single Point Refuelling, Aerocet Floats, Cargo Door, Cargo Pod.
  • Avionics: Garmin G1000 NXi Cockpit for enhanced situational awareness for the single pilot, coming standard with AOA Indicator (Angle of Attack) HSI moving map, SVS (Synthetic Vision), NEXRAD weather and more.
  • Cabin Features: Cargo Door, Flat Floor and Quick-Change interior rails, for up to 10 seats in high density or 7 seats in club configuration.
  • Cabin Design: With 3 packages, Summit (Leather club seating with cabinetry, carpet and executive tables), Timberline (High density leather seating with removable carpet, accent panels etc) and Tundra (High density, rubber flooring, lightweight and durable for utility operations), it’s a choose your own adventure.