The Pilot’s Choice

No other helicopter on the market offers the pure pilot exhilaration of the MD530F, 5-blade fully articulated rotor head and seemingly limitless power delivered by the 650 shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine. Fly it like you stole it.

Fast, Reliable and Low Cost

The excitement aside, the MD530F is a proven platform since the first iteration in 1963, it delivers for every mission with remarkable speed, reliability and a low cost of ownership. There is a reason it remains first choice for so many tactical law enforcement agencies and military light attack missions.


134 kts (154 mph / 248 km) – in hot and high conditions.

Hover – In Ground Effect: 16,000 ft

Hover – Out of Ground Effect: 14,400 ft

Max Gross – Internal: 3100 lbs (1405 kgs)

Max Gross – External: 3350 lbs (1519 kgs)

Useful Loads: 1509 lbs (684 kgs)

260 nm (300 m / 482 km) on standard tanks.



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