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air.one media, Inc was established to put aircraft buyers in the pilot seat, enabling them to make efficient and informed aircraft purchasing decisions. Our online aircraft marketplace for new and used business jets, turboprops and helicopters is one of a kind, enabling users to effectively research and compare aircraft on a line-by-line side-by-side basis. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

We believe in price transparency, the air.one Price is provided publicly as a demonstration of our commitment to empowering buyers. The air.one Price is the estimated price you will pay for new aircraft when using the air.one procurement service.

If you need a fast and efficient means to trade your existing aircraft in the process, we have a global network of Premier Aircraft Dealers who share our values of transparency building an efficient market for the benefit of all stakeholders.

When you buy your new aircraft with air.one, you achieve great savings with the air.one wholesale pricing available across the full spectrum of aircraft and experience the efficient closing process provided by our proprietary technology platform.

Buy Smarter, Fly Higher with a team who have executed over $4bn in aircraft procurement and financing for corporates, individuals, banks and special mission government operators.

air.one was founded by Andrew Leece in 2018 and is headquartered in Venice, California.

For more information, please visit www.air.one and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Leadership Team

Andrew Leece – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

air.one was founded by Andrew Leece  after 10 years as an aviation industry executive having participated in the acquisition and financing of over $4bn in aircraft assets.

Andrew’s experience transverses all segments of the market including:

  • Commercial Airliners,
  • VIP / Head of State Business Jets,
  • Special Mission Para-Military Aircraft,
  • Law Enforcement / Aerial Surveillance,
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing Aeromedical Aircraft,
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Helicopters and
  • Corporate Helicopters.

Prior to founding air.one, Andrew worked for Macquarie Group for eight years in various capacities, including Fund Origination for Macquarie Aircraft Finance and Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing. Macquarie Group (MQG.AX) owns and manages approximately $8bn in aircraft assets.

Following his tenure at Macquarie Group, Andrew founded Strat Capital serving as an advisor and financier to the Australian Federal Government, several State Governments and their commercial contractors, executing fleet replacement, procurement and financing mandates for their VIP, special mission, law enforcement and aeromedical aircraft requirements.

Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Macquarie University and has 12 years flying experience as a helicopter pilot.

For more information, please visit Andrew on LinkedIn.

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