– 2018 Aircraft Broker of the Year

It is the purpose of to generate greater efficiency and liquidity in the aircraft market by promoting greater consistency and completeness in the way aircraft are presented to market including price transparency. We have created the Aircraft Broker of the Year awards to celebrate those brokers / dealers who represent the best practice in the market.

The @aironeteam canvassed the market, surveying peers and customers of each of the top aircraft brokerage firms in the market assessing several critical factors that are of greatest importance to the buyer, seller and general efficiency in the marketplace. We would like to congratulate the winners in each category and thank them for their contribution to the purpose.

Critical Factors Assessed

  • Number of aircraft acquisition & sales in 2018,
  • Aircraft price transparency,
  • Average time on,
  • Accuracy and completeness of listings on,
  • Inquiry response time,
  • Overall customer experience.

With 2,000+ Aircraft Brokerages there could only be 5 winners, view their profiles and inventory in the links above and contact them to learn why they are considered among the top 0.25% of aircraft brokers globally.


Why is efficiency in the marketplace beneficial to all?

  • Greater liquidity in the market,
  • Less time on market for right priced aircraft,
  • More predictable residual values,
  • Greater availability and lower cost of finance & insurance,
  • Better informed acquisitions and sales,
  • Lower operating costs for brokerage firms,
  • More sales / happier customers / greater revenue.


The aircraft marketplace has been slow to adapt to fast-moving technology due largely to a lack of credible alternative. is the marketplace of the future and is set to revolutionise the aircraft trading ecosystem, simplifying the life of the broker and driving additional revenue in a self-regulating marketplace environment.


To all brokers and dealers that have supported the purpose from the start, we thank you and look forward to working with you for many years to come. Please contact our support team so we can learn how to better serve your business.