compare the Quest Kodiak, Cessna Caravan & Grand Caravan EX compares the mighty high-wing single engine turboprops currently available and in-production by the various manufacturers. As we know there is no perfect aircraft, as each possesses superior performance characteristics depending on the mission.

We address this comparison from the perspective of an owner flown land aircraft for the purpose of moving the family, camping gear, kayaks, surfboards etc, in and out of remote places (in style). If you are a short-haul passenger operator where seats are a premium, then the result may well be different. has created the New Aircraft Showroom as a free tool to the market to enable users to accurately compare every available aircraft on a like for like basis, side by side.

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There is no question that the Cessna Caravan defined this category of rugged turboprops and they have continued to develop the product since its introduction in 1982. The Cessna Caravan and Grand Caravan EX both come standard with Garmin G1000 NXi flight decks, quick change seating configurations with the embedded floor rails and both are available (and very capable) on amphib floats. 

The introduction of the Quest Kodiak 100 in 2008 has certainly put a dent in the Cessna Caravan sales however with the superior interior finish and most importatnly the relative performance advantages over the caravan series.

There is no substitue for horse power, this couldn’t be more true in aviation. The Kodiak boasts the 750 hp PT6A-34 with an operating weight of just 3955 lbs (a power to BOW ratio of 0.19 hp : 1 lb), whilst the Cessna Caravan has continued with the 675 hp PT6A-114A (a power to BOW ratio of 0.14 hp : 1 lb).

This extra power become very evident when you compare the relative performance of each, with the Kodiak outstripping the Caravan in just about every metric accept speed. The take-off performance is less than half that of either Caravan, greater range, endurance etc.

The Grand Caravan EX has by far the largest cabin, with a maximum seating capacity of 14 (12 pax cabin) compared to the Caravan with 12 seat total and the Kodiak with 10 seats total. 

Click on the below to view each aircraft in detail and add to compare to form your own view based on your specific mission requirements. As an owner flown adventure machine, our choice is clear, $2,150,000 for the 750 hp Quest Kodiak!


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