compare the Falcon 8X, Gulfstream G600 & Global 6500 compares the large cabin business jets capable of range 6400-6500 nautical miles. The aircraft selected for the comparison are the Bombardier Global 6500 vs. Dassault Falcon 8X vs. Gulfstream G600, with a seperate comparison due shortly exploring how the Embraer Lineage 1000e may be a contender in this class despite the VIP Airliner configruation. has created the New Aircraft Showroom as a free tool to the market to enable users to accurately compare every available aircraft on a like for like basis, side by side. See how quickly you can compare the entire market in seconds using the comparison tool.

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With all the noise in the media surrounding the extraordinary achievements of the Global 7500, we thought it was time to consider how the 6500 faired against its peers. With the Gulfstream G600 now certified in the FAA there is hot competition in this space occupied by the largest Dassault jet, the Falcon 8X.

Each of the jets in this comparison possess compariable range, with the 8X at 6,450nm, G600 at 6,500nm and the 6500 at 6,600nm. This range comes at a significant cost for both G600 and 6500 though with their DOC / nm reportedly up to 23% higher than that of the Falcon 8X.

The Global 6500 carries the highest list price tag of $66m+ compared to an estimated $57.9m for the G600 and $59.3m for the Falcon 8X. Bombardier will argue that you pay for what you get, in this case there is perhaps some justification for the statement. The 6500 has 3 seperate zones in the cabin including a crew rest, forward and aft lavatory, the new Bombardier Vision avionics suite including SVS, EVS and HUD (Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion) and finally the remarkable Nuage Chaise lounge which cannot be overlooked until you try it for yourself.

Each OEM have maintained destinctive design characteristics with loyal followers in the market, the Gulfstream large oval windows, the Global’s plentiful but smaller restangular windows and finally the undeniable ramp presence of the 3-engined Falcon 8X. Certain private owners state that the only reason they operate Dassault Falcon’s is because no-one makes a plane with 4-engines.

The Falcon 8X is has the lowest DOC and list price, however it is a smaller aircraft with a lower payload, however it punches well above its weight in range. The Global 6500 will outperform in just about all conditions, with a huge payload and longest range although you will pay up for the priveledge. 

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