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About air one 

Welcome to air one, the comprehensive global marketplace for new and used aircraft for sale with the relentless mission to increase liquidity in the market by providing simple, transparent solutions to advertise and transact airplanes and helicopters. air one is committed to empowering its customers to make informed decisions when it comes to trading aircraft.

With the air one advanced search engine it has never been easier for buyers and sellers to search, identify and compare used airplanes for sale (Business Jets, Commercial Jets, Turboprops, Twin Turboprops, Piston and Piston Twin aircraft) and used helicopters (Piston Helicopters and Turbine Helicopters) for sale.

Gone are the days of sifting through dated classifieds magazines and complicated trading websites. Thanks to air one, the process of searching, comparing and transacting aircraft is streamlined into a comprehensive, insightful and user-friendly platform.

In a market where $12bn in private aircraft transact each year and dealer commission can be as high as 10%, users will now have new insight with access to real time web stats on listing performance, views and engagement with support from the air one team. The platform stands apart from incumbents through its premium, intuitive user experience and user interface, its powerful search function as well as its compare and share features. Standardised formatting and streamlined terminology dramatically reduces the time required for users to shortlist and compare aircraft, resulting in more qualified enquiries and purchasing activity.

air one if committed to delivering in-market customers with aviation services to support new and used aircraft acquisitions such as Aircraft Finance and Aircraft Insurance, industry representatives such as the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).


New / Used Aircraft for Sale

Searching for available aircraft for sale globally has never been more efficient, air one delivers information to aircraft buyers in a standardised format, single unit of measurement, common language and only the most important information necessary to making a qualified aircraft acquisition.

Search new / used aircraft for sale using headline terms such as New / Used Aircraft, Aircraft Manufacturers, Aircraft Type and advanced filter options such as, Flight Rules (IFR, NVFR, VFR, SPIFR), Flight Deck (Garmin, JPI, Honeywell, BendixKing, Rockwell Collins etc), Configuration (Passenger, High-Density, EMS, Air Ambulance, VIP configured aircraft for sale), Landing Gear (Retractable, Tail-wheel, Fixed Gear, Float / Amphib aircraft), Airframe TTSN, Engine TTSN, Engine TSOH. Further refine your search by the following certifications and features, FAA and EASA certified with 8.33 spacing, FM Immunity, ADS-B Certified, cabin configurations etc.


Aircraft Dealers and Brokers

Navigating the aircraft sales and acquisition process can be complex, with too many websites, classifieds papers and word of mouth sources to sift through. air one is designed to simplify this process by engaging with brokers and dealers globally to consolidate information and bring together the best-in-market when it comes to trading aircraft across all categories.

In an industry where aircraft owners and operators (private aircraft, part 135 aircraft charter operators, commercial passenger travel) are consistently exploring the used aircraft market, working with authorized dealers and independent brokers is paramount to ensuring the most appropriate fit and best value representation. air one aims to work with the most trusted and sophisticated professionals to reduce the risk of attempted fraud from suspicious buyers and sellers. We encourage users to report any suspicious activity they come across to the air one team immediately and utilise the aircraft dealer review tool to rate dealers and promote positive behaviours giving other buyers and sellers the benefit of your experience.


Aircraft Manufacturers

air one provides an environment for aircraft manufacturers (OEMs) to showcase their products and engage with in-market audiences worldwide.

Manufacturers can demonstrate to potential aircraft buyers all relevant and state-of-the-art aircraft specifications, avionics, performance and features in their own brand language as well as manage their professional content, showcasing their aircraft and avionics. air one delivers the information to in-market buyers as a non-biased trusted source in a common language and unit of measurement.

Manufacturers such Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Bell, Airbus Helicopters and Leonardo have traditionally loyal followers, however recent innovation and introduction of aircraft categories such as Light Sport Aircraft have made it possible for new entrants to the aviation sector such as Icon aircraft with its A5, Jabiru Aircraft and Tecnam Aircraft. This increased competition makes it more necessary than ever to communicate with potential customers and showcase the capabilities of new aircraft and avionics.

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