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Buy Smarter, Fly Higher offers aircraft purchasers a transparent, discreet and low-cost aircraft procurement service. Buyers win with the Price, our Price Transparency Guarantee and our proprietary technology offer a unique buying experience.

Access our team’s knowledge and experience to deliver your business the best economic outcome whilst gaining maximum utility from your essential aviation assets.

Upon inquiry you will be appointed a professional agent as a single point of contact in your local jurisdiction to advise on and manage your transaction through to completion.

  • Negotiate and manage the aircraft acquisition with the OEM
  • Source the most efficient finance for your acquisition
  • Foreign exchange settlements
  • Source insurance to protect you and your asset
  • Appointment of aircraft management
  • Source Crew as required

The Team has deep domain experience working with all operators;

  • Owner Flown Jets and Helicopters
  • Corporate Flight Departments
  • Charter Fleet Operators
  • Aeromedical (Fixed & Rotor Wing)
  • Offshore O&G Helicopters
  • Special Mission Government
  • Commercial Airliners
  • Exclusive Price
  • Price Transparency Guarantee
  • Professional Advice
  • Confidential, Secure, Low-Cost
  • Strict Probity Controls
  • Global Resources
Medivac Helicopter

Team Experience

Andrew Leece – Founder and Chief Executive Officer is founded by Andrew Leece with a purpose of creating a more effective aircraft marketplace for the benefit of all stakeholders. The belief that greater transparency generates greater efficiencies in the market, including improved access to finance.

Prior to Andrew worked for Macquarie Group (MQG.AX) over 8 years participating in the acquisition, finance and leasing of over $4m in commercial aircraft (fixed and rotor wing) on the banks’ balance sheet.

Macquarie Air Finance and Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing collectively own and manage approximately $8bn in aircraft assets.

Andrew also has 12 years flying experience as a Helicopter Pilot.

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Trading Existing Assets has a global network of Premier Dealers on its pre-owned aircraft marketplace that can be activated to manage the sale of any existing aircraft assets being replaced.


Foreign Exchange’s proprietary technology platform enables buyers to seamlessly settle their transaction in almost any currency, at bank beating rates.

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Aircraft Finance

Our aircraft finance team will ensure the purchase is completed with the most efficient use of your capital, based on your operational requirements. Finance accesses regional and multinational debt finance in many currencies up to 100% of the purchase price.

Operating Leases are also available on many aircraft platforms, an off-balance sheet financing whereby the lessor funds 100% of the purchase price and takes the full residual value risk of the aircraft at the maturity.

Mission Requirements

The New Aircraft Showroom creates a global standard for comparing every aircraft with price, performance and specification all based on common assumptions, like-for-like, side-by-side.

Gain professional advice and insights from your agent to help determine the most suitable aircraft for your mission, whether that is a corporate aircraft, aeromedical helicopter or special mission government aircraft.

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