Aircraft History Report

Where has your aircraft been?

Aviation’s most trusted valuation guide, now offers aircraft history report with every on-demand valuation.

Thinking of buying or selling an aircraft? The history of an aircraft can greatly impact values. have teamed up with VREF to better inform buyers and sellers, equipping them with not only an opinion of value, but importantly N-REG aircraft will come complete with full history report including, Damage, Accidents, Chain of Title, Historical Sales Data etc.

A VREF Verified Report adds credibility to claims relating to current and past ownership. Having the aircrafts history and list price supported by an independent authority specific to your aircraft’s serial number and registration will help potential buyers gain confidence in their decision.

A VREF Verified Report gives you and your counterpart total confidence in the history of your aircraft, the same confidence should be extended to you by verifying the price and history of the new aircraft. The report provides current market values for wholesale and retail sale price.

Buy your next aircraft with the confidence of a VREF Verified Report. Aircraft ownership should be an enjoyable process, understanding the aircraft history and value at purchase is critical to selecting the right aircraft at the right price. This empowers the buyer to make a confident decision.

Buy or Sell with confidence with a VREF Verified Report

from $250

In addition to retail and wholesale values:

  • Operating cost estimate
  • Accident history
  • Multiple Owners
  • Historical Sales
  • Chain of Title
  • And much more…

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