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Buy Smarter, Fly Higher Insurance is a proprietary technology platform that confidentially seeks, assesses and matches all insurance offers to your operation’s needs. The Insurance team attracts more offers at better terms resulting in the most effective cover for your assets and operation.

Your agent will liaise with our Insurance team to reduce your workload to simplify the decision-making process for a more efficient and informed result.

The Insurance platform is capable of handling single aircraft insurance cover through to fleet coverage including owner flown turbine aircraft to commercial jets. Advantage

  • Proprietary Technology Platform
  • Targeted Requests
  • Timely Response Rate
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Higher Hull coverage, relative to improved purchase price
  • Faster response rate
  • Improved terms
  • Hundreds of Jurisdictions
  • All Operator Types including Airliners
  • Local Representation
  • Global lessor experience owning and managing $8bn+ Jets and Helicopters
  • Global lessor expereince in 50 Countries, 90+ Operators
  • Government, Airliners, Aeromedical, Private, Offshore O&G
  • Commercial Jets, Business Jets, Helicotpers and Turboprops
  • Excellence and Urgency in all transactions

Insurance Types

  • High coverage relative of the Price
  • Single aircraft or fleet coverage
  • Preferred rates
  • Local currency
  • Right size coverage for your operation
  • Preferred rates
  • Professional advice
  • Turbine Helicotper Insurance
  • Turboprop Insurance
  • Business Jet Insurance
  • Comercial Airliner Insurance
  • Piston Helicopter Insurance
  • Governemnt Aircraft Fleet Insurance
  • Offshore O&G Helicopter Insurance
  • Airline Aircraft Insurance
  • Coporate Jet Insurance
  • Private Jet Insurance
  • Aeromedical Fleet Insurance

Team Experience

Andrew Leece – Founder and Chief Executive Officer is founded by Andrew Leece with a purpose of creating a more effective aircraft marketplace for the benefit of all stakeholders. The belief that greater transparency generates greater efficiencies in the market, including improved access to finance.

Prior to Andrew worked for Macquarie Group (MQG.AX) over 8 years participating in the acquisition, finance and leasing of over $4bn in commercial aircraft (fixed and rotor wing) on the banks’ balance sheet.

Macquarie Air Finance and Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing collectively own and manage approximately $8bn in aircraft assets.

Andrew also has 12 years flying experience as a Helicopter Pilot.

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When buying your aircraft through the Procurement service, you achieve the Price which gives you an insurance advantage. This advantage is in the form of generally higher coverage relative to your improved purchase price.


Effective Cover

The Insurance technology platform ensures effective cover based on your specific operational requirements. Insurance accesses regional and multinational aircraft insurance underwriters in many currencies and jurisdictions.

Enjoy efficient and low cost aircraft insurance procurement, protect your aircraft assets and operation with Insurance.

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