Airbus Helicopters H125

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Aircraft Type
Base Aircraft Price (USD)
$3,200,000Show price
Direct Operating Cost
$ 627
DOC / nm
$ 4.61
DOC / nm / Seat
$ 0.77
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)
Max Range (nm)
Useful Load (lbs)
Total Seats
Standard Cabin Seats
Max Cabin Seats
Min Crew
Flight Deck (Base Spec)
Garmin G500H
Flight Rules
OEM Verification

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The Airbus Helicopters H125 is a single engine turbine workhorse and the first choice for utility operators globally due to its unmatched lift capacity in hot and high conditions. The Airbus H125 is the 7th generation of the Ecureuil family (aka AStar or Squirrel) originally developed from the Aerospatiale Gazelle.


“The H125 has the highest power to weight ratio of any civil helicopter, giving it massive potential.”


The H125 is the renamed Eurocopter AS350B3e which offers operators a dual-channel FADEC Safran Arriel 2D engine which is set to receive yet another power increase in 2020. The proposed power increase maximizes the available power offered by the Arriel 2D which significantly increases its operating envelope with a 308 lb (140 kg) internal and external gross weight increase and the hover OGE limit increases by 1,500 ft taking it to 12,600 ft.


The Airbus H125 has a standard 6 seat configuration with a cruise speed of 136 kts, a max range of 340 nm, a useful load of 2,151 lbs and a hover OGE ceiling of 11,100 ft (12,600 ft certifications expected in Q3 2020).


Airbus H125 Configurations

The standard seating configuration for the H125 consists of 6 forward facing seats in a 2 + 4 arrangement offering unobstructed 270 visibility for all passengers and crew. The H125 list price is based on a ‘green’ aircraft with buyer specifications including paint and interior being incremental to final cost of the aircraft.

Engage the team to define and procure the appropriate configuration for your mission requirements at the best possible price.


  • ACH125 Airbus Corporate Helicopters

The ACH125 is offered with bespoke corporate / VIP configurations available including paint and luxury leather appointed interior packages. VIP seating options include a 5-seat configuration consisting of 3 forward facing armchairs across the back row as compared to the standard 4 seat back row.


  • H125 Passenger / Utility Helicopter

The H125 utility cabin is equipped with rubber floor mats and combination cloth / vinyl seating for up to 7 (pilot + 6 passengers). Utility options include cargo hook, hook load meter, vertical reference windows, wire-strike kit, emergency pop-out floats and more.


  • H125 HEMS / Air Ambulance Helicopter

The EMS configured H125 enables rapid response with a capacity for 4 people including a stretcher patient and 2 medical attendants. The new “lean” instrument panel from 2020 onward offers improved maneuvering space for the stretcher and patient.


  • H125 News Gathering Helicopter

The H125 news gathering options are plentiful with skid or fuselage gyro mounted high definition cameras and AC cabin power for additional onboard equipment.


  • H125 Search & Rescue SAR Helicopter

The H125 can be equipped at the time of production with fixed provisions and / or removable parts for search and rescue operations such as electric hoist (winch), dual sliding passenger doors, emergency pop-out floats, searchlight and more.


  • H125 Law Enforcement / Customs and Border Protection Helicopter

The Police and Border protection options for the H125 are endless as it is the most popular law enforcement helicopter in North America, although it is critical to develop the specification list with the factory to ensure the appropriate provisions are made at the time of production.


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Airbus Helicopters H125 FAQs

  • What is the direct operating cost (DOC) of a H125? The DOC for the H125 is $627 per hour.
  • What is the range of a H125? The H125 has a max range of 341 nm.
  • What is the max cruise speed of a H125? The max cruise speed of the H125 is 136 kts.
  • What is the hover OGE ceiling of the H125? The H125 has a hover OGE limit of 11,100 ft (12,600 ft expected to be certified in 2020).
  • What is the hover IGE ceiling of the H125? The H125 has a hover IGE limit of 13,250 ft.
  • What is the service ceiling of a H125? The H125 has a service ceiling of 23,000 ft.
  • What avionics suite / flight deck does the H125 have? The H125 flight deck is equipped with the Garmin G500H TXi touchscreen.
  • How many seats does a H125 have? The H125 has standard seating for 6 (up to 7) including pilot + 5 passengers.
  • What engine is in the H125? The H125 is powered by 1 x Safran Arriel 2D engines with dual-channel FADEC.
  • How much shaft horsepower does the H125 produce? The Safran Arriel 2D engine on the H125 produce 847 shp at take-off power.
  • What is the TBO (time between overhauls) on the H125 engines? The Safran Arriel 2D engine has a 5,000-hour TBO.
  • What maintenance programs are available for the H125? The H125 is eligible for the Airbus HCare (Parts by-the-hour) and Safran SBH engine programs. is an aircraft trading platform designed specifically to enhance business information exchange and cooperation among private aviation industry’s participants on aircraft sales & acquisitions.