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Manufacturer Airbus Helicopters
Aircraft Type H215
Base Aircraft Price (USD) $27,500,000*
Direct Operating Cost $ 2,708
DOC / nm $ 19.07
DOC / nm / Seat $ 0.91
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 142
Max Range (nm) 468
Useful Load (lbs) 8903
Total Seats 21
Cockpit 2
Standard Cabin Seats 19
Max Cabin Seats 22
Min Crew 2
Flight Deck (Base Spec) EFIS
Flight Rules IFR
Certification FAA / EASA
OEM Verification Un-Verified
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 142
Long Range Cruise (ktas) 137
Max Speed (Vne) 150
Max Range (nm) 468
Range Seats Full (nm) 346
Endurance (hrs) 3.3
Max Climb Rate (fpm) 1618
Hover IGE (ft) 10663
Hover OGE (ft) 7546
MTOW (lbs) 18960
MTOW External Load (lbs) 20615
Max External Load (lbs) 9920
BEW (lbs) 9954
Useful Load (lbs) 8903
Fuel Capacity (lbs) 3240
Useful Load Max Fuel (lbs) 5660
Rotor Diameter (ft) 51.2
Overall Height (ft) 16.2
Length (ft) 61.4
Cabin Volume (cu. ft) 473.9
No. of Engines 2
Manufacturer Safran
Model Makila 1A1
Horsepower 1820
TBO (hrs) 3000
Fuel Type JetFuel
Fuel Capacity (gal) 540
Flight Deck EFIS
Flight Rules IFR
Autopilot 4-Axis
Transponder 1
VHF Com 1
VHF Nav 1
Total Seats 21
Cockpit 2
Standard Cabin Seats 19
Max Cabin Seats 22
Min Crew 2
Gear Type Retractable Wheels
Rotorhead 4-Blade Articulated
Tail Rotor 5-Blade

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The Airbus Helicopters H215 is a long-range heavy twin designed for the primary purpose of passenger transport carrying up to 22 passengers in troop seating and up to 19 passengers in offshore configuration. In addition, the H215 is regularly deployed in multi-role utility operations utilizing its 9,920 lb (4,500 kg) external load capability.


“The H215 Super Puma continues to grow market share with 1,000+ deliveries, thanks in part to its outstanding power to weight ratio.”


The H215 (formerly Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma) is the 5th generation AS332 with larger cabin, and advanced cockpit environment including the dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot for reduced pilot workload and precision operations. The H215 is available in either a long or a short fuselage, the long being better suited to passenger transport and the short best suited to multi-role utility operations.


The Airbus H215 (Long) has seating for up to 24 occupants including 2 crew and 22 passengers with a cruise speed of 136 kts, a max range of 468 nm (670 nm with AUX fuel tanks), a useful load of 8,575 lb and a hover OGE ceiling of 7,546 ft.


The Airbus H215 (Short) has seating for up to 21 occupants including 2 crew and 19 passengers with a cruise speed of 136 kts, a max range of 346 nm (417 nm with AUX fuel tanks), a useful load of 8,903 lb and a hover OGE ceiling of 7,546 ft.


Airbus H215 Configurations

The H215 list price is based on a ‘green’ aircraft with buyer specifications including paint and interior being incremental to final cost of the aircraft. The seating configurations range to 24 total seats including 2 crew in a high-density troop configuration.

Engage the team to define and procure the appropriate configuration for your mission requirements at the best possible price.

  • H215 Offshore Oil & Gas Transport

The H215 has seating for up to 19 passengers in a typical offshore configuration making it a competitive platform in the offshore oil and gas transport.


  • H215 PAX / Utility

The H215 is a workhorse when precision heavy lift is required and can be operated in the harshest conditions on the planet including aerial firefighting carrying a 4,500 liter Bambi Bucket.

  • H215 Search & Rescue SAR Helicopter

The H215 can configured for long-range SAR missions including systems operators, winch operators and medical personnel with a total of 11 seats including flight crew and a stretcher / cargo area.


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Airbus Helicopters H215 FAQs

  • What is the price of a H215? The H215 list price is $27.5m, the price for the H215 is $25.1m.
  • What is the direct operating cost (DOC) of a H215? The DOC for the H215 is $2,708 per hour.
  • What is the range of a H215? The H215 has a max range of 468 nm (670 nm with AUX tanks).
  • What is the max cruise speed of a H215? The max cruise speed of the H215 is 144 kts.
  • What is the hover OGE ceiling of the H215? The H215 has a hover OGE limit of 7,546 ft.
  • What is the hover IGE ceiling of the H215? The H215 has a hover IGE limit of 10,663 ft.
  • What avionics suite / flight deck does the H215 have? The H215 flight deck is equipped with EFIS and dual duplex 4-axis autopilot systems.
  • How many seats does a H215 have? The H215 has seating for up to 24 including 2 crew + 22 passengers.
  • What engines are in the H215? The H215 is powered by 2 x Safran Makila 1A1 engines with dual-channel FADEC.
  • How much shaft horsepower does the H215 produce? The Safran Makila 1A1 engines on the H215 produce 1819 shp at take-off power.
  • What maintenance programs are available for the H215? The H215 is eligible for the Airbus HCare (Parts by-the-hour) and Safran SBH engine programs.

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