Bell 407GXi

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Aircraft Type
Base Aircraft Price (USD)
$3,225,000Show price
Direct Operating Cost
$ 589
DOC / nm
$ 4.43
DOC / nm / Seat
$ 0.74
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)
Max Range (nm)
Useful Load (lbs)
Total Seats
Standard Cabin Seats
Max Cabin Seats
Min Crew
Flight Deck (Base Spec)
Garmin G1000H NXI
Flight Rules
OEM Verification

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The Bell 407 GXi is a high-powered single engine turbine helicopter originally developed from the Bell 206L with dramatic capability enhancements most notably in the 4-blade fully articulated rotor head delivering speeds in excess of 135 kts and tremendous hot and high performance.

The Bell 407 GXi model is the 4th generation of the civil variant, which now includes an 862 shp dual-channel FADEC engine and Garmin G1000 NXi avionics which can now be equipped with a 4-axis autopilot leading to the FAA certification for single-pilot IFR operations. Unique features offered to 407 operators include the crew operable blade-folding kit enabling efficient daily storage in confined spaces including luxury yacht hangars.


“The 407 GXi offers operators the most advanced cockpit and most cost-effective platform compared to its direct competition.”


The Bell 407 GXi is the first choice for many private / VIP, corporate shuttle, charter and utility operators due to its high capacity (7-seats), reliability, performance and relatively low operating cost. The Bell 407 GXi is a genuine competitor to the formidable Airbus H125.

The Bell 407 GXi has a standard 7 seat configuration with a cruise speed of 133 kts, a max range of 337 nm, a useful load of 2,300 lbs (2,550 lbs optional MGW increase) and a hover OGE ceiling of 11,940 ft.


Bell 407 GXi Configurations

The standard seating configuration for the 407 GXi consists of 7 seats in a 2 + 5 arrangement ideal for the corporate / VIP customer given the aft club configuration. The Bell 407 GXi list price is based on a standard cloth upholstered seat.

Engage the team to define and procure the appropriate configuration for your mission requirements at the best possible price.


Bell 407 GXi Passenger / Utility Helicopter

The Bell 407 GXi utility cabin is equipped with cloth seating for up to 7 (pilot + 6 passengers). Utility options include cargo hook, hook load meter, wire-strike kit, emergency pop-out floats and more.


Bell 407 GXi Corporate / Charter

The Bell 407 GXi can be configured with factory leather seating ideal for the private owner, corporate shuttle, sightseeing and charter operators.


Bell 407 GXi HEMS / Air Ambulance Helicopter

The EMS configured Bell 407 GXi enables a single stretcher, pilot plus two medical attendants with efficient ingress and egress due to the aft bi-folding door maximizing load area.


Bell 407 GXi Law Enforcement / Public Safety Helicopter

The Bell 407 GXi is low cost and technologically advanced option for Police and Public Safety operations with optional avionics including 4-Axis Autopilot, HTAWS, TAS, synthetic vision and more.


Bell 407 GXi Training Helicopter

Train on a platform that you’re likely to be operating in the field, time in the Bell 407 GXi is almost surely going to serve the pilot with an advantage throughout their career with 1,500+ examples in service globally.


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Bell 407 GXi FAQs

  • What is the direct operating cost (DOC) of a Bell 407 GXi? The DOC for the Bell 407 GXi is $589 per hour.
  • What is the range of a Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi has a max range of 337 nm.
  • What is the max cruise speed of a Bell 407 GXi? The max cruise speed of the Bell 407 GXi is 133 kts.
  • What is the hover OGE ceiling of the Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi has a hover OGE limit of 11,940 ft.
  • What is the hover IGE ceiling of the Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi has a hover IGE limit of 13,350 ft.
  • What is the service ceiling of a Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi has a service ceiling of 18,940 ft.
  • What avionics suite / flight deck does the Bell 407 GXi have? The Bell 407 GXi flight deck is equipped with the Garmin G1000 NXi.
  • How many seats does a Bell 407 GXi have? The Bell 407 GXi has standard seating for 7 including pilot + 6 passengers.
  • What engine is in the Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi is powered by 1 x Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 engines with dual-channel FADEC.
  • How much shaft horsepower does the Bell 407 GXi produce? The Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 engine on the Bell 407 GXi produce 862 shp at take-off power.
  • What is the TBO (time between overhauls) on the Bell 407 GXi engines? The Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 engine has a 2,000-hour TBO on the turbine with the gearbox maintained on-condition.
  • What maintenance programs are available for the Bell 407 GXi? The Bell 407 GXi is eligible for the Bell Customer Advantage Plans (CAP). is an aircraft trading platform designed specifically to enhance business information exchange and cooperation among private aviation industry’s participants on aircraft sales & acquisitions.