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Manufacturer Bell
Aircraft Type 505 JetRanger X
Base Aircraft Price (USD) $1,445,000
Direct Operating Cost $ 441
DOC / nm $ 3.53
DOC / nm / Seat $ 0.71
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 125
Max Range (nm) 306
Useful Load (lbs) 1500
Total Seats 5
Cockpit 2
Standard Cabin Seats 3
Min Crew 1
Flight Deck (Base Spec) Garmin G1000H
Flight Rules VFR
Certification FAA / EASA
OEM Verification VERIFIED
Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 125
Long Range Cruise (ktas) 112
Max Speed (Vne) 134
Max Range (nm) 306
Range Seats Full (nm) 306
Endurance (hrs) 3.9
Service Ceiling (ft) 18610
Hover IGE (ft) 14450
Hover OGE (ft) 10460
MTOW (lbs) 3680
MTOW External Load (lbs) 4475
Max External Load (lbs) 2000
BEW (lbs) 2180
Useful Load (lbs) 1500
Fuel Capacity (lbs) 568.5
Useful Load Max Fuel (lbs) 931.5
Max Baggage Weight (lbs) 250
Rotor Diameter (ft) 37
Width (ft) 6.51
Overall Height (ft) 10.65
Length (ft) 42.48
Cabin Height (ft) 2.75
Cabin Width (ft) 4.66
Cabin Length (ft) 7.17
Cabin Volume (cu. ft) 137
Baggage Volume Ext. (cu. ft) 18
No. of Engines 1
Manufacturer Safran
Model Arrius 2R
Horsepower 505
FADEC Dual-Channel
TBO (hrs) 4000
Fuel Type JetFuel
Fuel Capacity (gal) 84.85
Fuel Burn (gph) 32.3
Flight Deck Garmin G1000H
Flight Rules VFR
Standby Instrument Digital
Flight Director 1
Transponder 1
VHF Com 1
VHF Nav 1
Total Seats 5
Cockpit 2
Standard Cabin Seats 3
Min Crew 1
Gear Type Low Skids
Rotorhead 2-Blade Teetoring
Tail Rotor 2-Blade
Pilot Training Credits 1
Airframe (Yrs) 3
Airframe (Hrs) 1000
Engine (Hrs) 1000
Standard Features
  • ADS-B Compliant
  • Flight Director
  • Shoulder Harnesses
  • WAAS

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The Bell 505 JetRanger X is a single engine turbine helicopter designed as a replacement to the Bell 206 and despite the naming convention the JetRagner X is a clean sheet design that far exceeds the performance characteristics of its predecessor with its entirely new fuselage, flat cabin floor, uninterrupted panoramic view from the back seats, dual-channel FADEC engine, Garmin G1000 NXi avionics.

Just about the only recognizable feature for Bell 206 operators is the 2-blade teetering main rotor system that is still capable of propelling the Bell 505 to a cruise speed of 125 knots, whilst optimizing hangar space with the widest point on the aircraft being the skids.


“The 505 is perhaps the best value helicopter on the market, offering 5 seats, FADEC engine, Garmin G1000 NXi and 125kt cruise all for approx. 1/3 the price of an H125.”


The Bell 505 has been widely adopted by private owners, helicopter charter and tourism operators for its low operating cost, simplicity to operate, reduced pilot workloads and vast visibility for all passengers.

The Bell 505 has a standard 5 seat configuration with a cruise speed of 125 kts, a max range of 306 nm, a useful load of 1,500 lbs and a hover OGE ceiling of 10,460 ft.


Bell 505 Configurations 

The standard seating configuration for the 505 consists of 5 forward facing seats in a 2 + 3 arrangement offering unobstructed 270 visibility for all passengers and crew. The Bell 505 list price is based on a standard cloth seats with the aft row including a folding base to enable quick change utility / cargo configuration.

Engage the team to define and procure the appropriate configuration for your mission requirements at the best possible price.


Bell 505 Passenger / Utility Helicopter

The Bell 505 utility cabin is equipped with rubber floor mats and cloth seating for up to 5 (pilot + 4 passengers). Utility options include cargo hook, hook load meter, wire-strike kit, emergency pop-out floats and more.


Bell 505 Corporate / Charter

The Bell 505 can be configured with factory leather seating (non-folding rear seats) ideal for the private owner, sightseeing and charter operators. In addition to the factory leather seating, Bell offers the Mecaer “Magnificent Interior” including upgraded seats, carpet, interior paneling, headliner including passenger services unit (PSU), USB charging ports and more.


Bell 505 HEMS / Air Ambulance Helicopter

The EMS configured Bell 505 enables a single stretcher, pilot plus one medical attendant through the removal of the forward passenger seat and two aft seats.


Bell 505 Law Enforcement / Public Safety Helicopter

The Bell 505 is low cost and technologically advanced option for Police and Public Safety operations with optional avionics including 3-Axis Autopilot, HTAWS, TAS, synthetic vision and more.


Bell 505 Training Helicopter

The Bell 505 is an ideal platform for primary turbine helicopter training and a natural step up from piston engine helicopters, with the reduced workload and opportunity to experience a glass cockpit equipping graduates with necessary skills to advance their career into larger helicopters.


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Bell 505 FAQs

  • What is the price of a Bell 505? The Bell 505 list price is $1.45, the price for the Bell 505 is $1.32m.
  • What is the direct operating cost (DOC) of a Bell 505? The DOC for the Bell 505 is $441 per hour.
  • What is the range of a Bell 505? The Bell 505 has a max range of 306 nm.
  • What is the max cruise speed of a Bell 505? The max cruise speed of the Bell 505 is 125 kts.
  • What is the hover OGE ceiling of the Bell 505? The Bell 505 has a hover OGE limit of 10,460 ft.
  • What is the hover IGE ceiling of the Bell 505? The Bell 505 has a hover IGE limit of 14,450 ft.
  • What is the service ceiling of a Bell 505? The Bell 505 has a service ceiling of 18,600 ft.
  • What avionics suite / flight deck does the Bell 505 have? The Bell 505 flight deck is equipped with the Garmin G1000 NXi.
  • How many seats does a Bell 505 have? The Bell 505 has standard seating for 5 including pilot + 4 passengers.
  • What engine is in the Bell 505? The Bell 505 is powered by 1 x Safran Arrius 2R engines with dual-channel FADEC.
  • How much shaft horsepower does the Bell 505 produce? The Safran Arrius 2R engine on the Bell 505 produce 505 shp at take-off power.
  • What is the TBO (time between overhauls) on the Bell 505 engines? The Safran Arrius 2R engine has a 4,000-hour TBO.
  • What maintenance programs are available for the Bell 505? The Bell 505 is eligible for the Bell Customer Advantage Plans (CAP) and Safran SBH engine programs.

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