Bell 525 Relentless

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Aircraft Type
525 Relentless
Base Aircraft Price (USD)
$15,000,000Show price
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)
Max Range (nm)
Useful Load (lbs)
Total Seats
Standard Cabin Seats
Max Cabin Seats
Min Crew
Flight Deck (Base Spec)
Garmin G5000H
Flight Rules
OEM Verification

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The Bell 525 Relentless is a 16-passenger heavy-twin turbine helicopter developed as a clean sheet design for the offshore oil and gas industry although it is being further developed for the EMS market. The Bell 525 is the first fully fly-by-wire helicopter due for certification in late 2020.


“The Bell 525 is a purpose built high-speed, long range fly-by-wire helicopter.”


The Bell 525 has a cruise speed of 160 kts, a max range of 580 nm, a useful load of 6,675 lbs and a hover OGE ceiling of 8,100 ft.


Bell 525 Configurations

The standard seating configuration for the Bell 525 consists of 18 seats in a 2 + 16 arrangement in corporate seating. The Bell 525 list price is based on a green aircraft delivery with buyer specifications and options surplus to the list price.

Engage the team to define and procure the appropriate configuration for your mission requirements at the best possible price.


Bell 525 VIP / Corporate Helicopter

The Bell 525 offers a blank canvas for VIP customers with bespoke options including perhaps the most unique VIP arrangement in the market with an 8-seat boardroom style configuration around a center conference table. Alternatives include a dual 4-place club or 10 seat corporate arrangements.


Bell 525 Oil & Gas Helicopter

The Bell 525 is purpose designed for the offshore oil & gas market equipped with 16 passenger seats in a standard configuration and 20 passenger seats in high density configuration.


Bell 525 HEMS / Air Ambulance Helicopter

The EMS configured Bell 525 enables a dual-stretcher, two crew and up to four medical attendants.


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Bell 525 FAQs

  • What is the range of a Bell 525? The Bell 525 has a max range of 580 nm.
  • What is the max cruise speed of a Bell 525? The max cruise speed of the Bell 525 is 160 kts.
  • What is the hover OGE ceiling of the Bell 525? The Bell 525 has a hover OGE limit of 8,100 ft.
  • What is the hover IGE ceiling of the Bell 525? The Bell 525 has a hover IGE limit of 10,700 ft.
  • What is the service ceiling of a Bell 525? The Bell 525 has a service ceiling of 12,000 ft.
  • What avionics suite / flight deck does the Bell 525 have? The Bell 525 flight deck is equipped with the Garmin G5000 and a single 4-Axis autopilot as standard.
  • How many seats does a Bell 525 have? The Bell 525 has standard seating for 18 including 2 crew + 16 passengers (up to 20).
  • What engine is in the Bell 525? The Bell 525 is powered by 2 x GE CT7-2F1 engines.
  • How much shaft horsepower does the Bell 525 produce? The GE CT7-2F1 engines on the Bell 525 produce 1,800 shp at take-off power.
  • What is the TBO (time between overhauls) on the Bell 525 engines? The GE CT7-2F1 engines have a 4,000-hour TBO.
  • What maintenance programs are available for the Bell 525? The Bell 525 is eligible for the Bell Customer Advantage Plans (CAP). is an aircraft trading platform designed specifically to enhance business information exchange and cooperation among private aviation industry’s participants on aircraft sales & acquisitions.