Aircraft Details

Aircraft TypeGlobal 8000
Base Aircraft Price (USD)$ 71,000,000
Direct Operating Cost$ 4,900
Max Cruise Speed (kts)516
Max Range (nm)7900
Total Seats19
Min Crew2
Max Passengers17
Standard Passengers14
Flight Deck (Base Spec)Bombardier Vision (Pro Line Fusion)
OEM VerificationUn-Verified Price / Data
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)516
Max Range (nm)7900
Max Range Crew + 4 (nm)7900
Take-off Roll (ft)5880
Landing Roll (ft)2450
Service Ceiling (ft)51000
Wingspan (ft)104
Overall Height (ft)27.1
Length (ft)102.2
Cabin Height (ft)6.3
Cabin Width (ft)8.2
Cabin Length (ft)45.6
Cabin Volume (cu. ft)2326.7
No. of Engines2
ManufacturerGeneral Electric
Thrust (lbs)16500
TBO (hrs)On-Condition
Flight DeckBombardier Vision (Pro Line Fusion)
VHF Com3
VHF Nav3
Max Passengers17
Typical Passengers14
Lavatory2 Enclosed Flushing
Lavatory LocationFWD / AFT
Galley / RefreshmentGalley
Galley LocationFWD
Crew RestYes
Jump SeatYes
APU Manufacturer-
APU Model-
APU TBO (hrs)-
Airframe (Yrs)3
Airframe (Hrs)1000
Engine (Yrs)10
Engine (Hrs)2000
Standard Features
  • ADS-B Compliant
  • AHRS
  • FANS-1A Compliant
  • Lightning Detection
  • RVSM Compliant
  • TAWS B
  • TCAS II - 7.1
  • WAAS / LPV
  • Weather Radar

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