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Manufacturer CubCrafters
Aircraft Type X Cub
Base Aircraft Price (USD) $ 333,400
Total Seats 2
Flight Rules VFR
Useful Load (lbs) 1084
OEM Verification Un-Verified
Certification FAA
MTOW (lbs) 2300
BEW (lbs) 1216
Useful Load (lbs) 1084
Fuel Capacity (lbs) 276
Useful Load Max Fuel (lbs) 808
Wingspan (ft) 34.4
Overall Height (ft) 8.4
Length (ft) 23.9
No. of Engines 1
Manufacturer Lycoming
Model O-360-C1G
Horsepower 180
TBO (hrs) 2000
TBO (yrs) 12
Fuel Type AvGas
Fuel Delivery Carbureted
Usable Fuel (gal) 46
Flight Deck Gyro / Analog
Transponder 1
VHF Com 1
VHF Nav 1
Total Seats 2
Prop Manufacturer Hartzell
Prop Description Composite Constant
Gear Type Tail-Wheel Alum Spring


XCub checks every box on an adventure Pilot’s wish list: remarkable STOL performance, generous useful load, class defining speed and cross-country range. Yet XCub surrounds both pilot and passenger with comfort and convenience. The pilot experience at the controls is intuitive and satisfying. Cockpit ergonomics are thoughtfully executed. Control inputs are rewarded with a precisely smooth, tactile feel and superb control harmony.

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