Extra Aircraft Extra 330 LX

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Aircraft Type
Extra 330 LX
Max Cruise Speed (ktas)
Useful Load (lbs)
Total Seats
Flight Deck (Base Spec)
Gyro / Analog
Flight Rules
EASA Certified
OEM Verification

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The Extra 330LX is a two seat (tandem) aerobatic competition and trainer powered by a 315 hp fuel injected Lycoming.

The Extra 330LX is the competition version of the 330LT aerobatic tourer, as such it favors standard gyro / analog instruments, smaller 49.9 gal (189 ltr) fuel tanks and light weight finishing including carbon push rods, all amounting to a 43 lb (19.5 kg) weight saving.

“The Extra 330LX is the perfect balance of competition and aerobatic training”

The Extra 330LX is part of the Extra 330SC family encompassing its 7-time world championship winning design into an economical two seat aerobatic trainer.

The Extra 330LX is powered by 1 x Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A 315hp engine mounted to a 3-blade composite, constant speed propeller by Muehlbauer.


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