Leonardo SH09

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Positioned in the 2.5 metric ton class, the Leonardo (Kopter) SH09 helicopter is designed to stand out from the competition. It offers outstanding hot and high performance and a low noise signature from the newly developed dynamic assembly and shrouded tail-rotor. The modularity of the cabin makes the most of the flat floor and the unique high ceiling concept, offering multiple seating arrangements with 5 to 8 individual crashworthy seats and facilitated rear access loading through the clamshell doors for cargo and medical stretchers, both addressing the passenger transport and emergency evacuation roles of the helicopter. Engineered using the latest technology in high tech materials and composites and benefiting from the extensive experience of the light to medium turbine helicopter market and the most up-to-date technology contributed to the development of an all new, state-of-the-art helicopter design.

Glass Cockpit

Innovative, ergonomic and intuitive man-machine interface with a modular Glass Cockpit designed to enhance safety and situational awareness. Enabling the pilots to focus on the flight and the essentials of safety. The avionics suite provides all-weather operations capability, including a full digital NVG compatible cockpit with large area displays and enhanced graphics.

Rotor System

Superior manoeuvrability with an advanced rotor system with 5-blades in full composite with the advantages of a fail-safe design and corrosion free, all of which will bring reduced maintenance requirements, low life cycle costs, low vibration levels and the highest degree of reliability and safety.

Composite Cell

A lightweight cell constructed of composite materials with high crash resistance (a technology utilized in the formula 1 industry), excellent aerodynamics and the high ceiling optimized cabin configuration, unsurpassed, with regards to available space, ease of loading, in flight visibility and unrivalled comfort.

Modern Turbine

The HTS900 engine incorporates next generation technology including a dual Centrifugal Compressor, bringing increased power output, reducing engine fuel consumption, no hard TBO (Time Between Overhaul) and a modern FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), reduces pilot workload especially during startup and leads to excellent hot and high performance.

Shrouded Tail Rotor

The SH09 is fitted with a shrouded tail rotor resulting in reduced noise emission levels, low maintenance layout, high safety level as the risk of contact with obstructions or bodily harm is greatly reduced. Designed to orchestrate a silent symphony and preserve your environment of operations. The shrouded tail rotor will circumvent the anti-torque thrust which is applied during flight and will offer high damage tolerance.

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