Certified Aircraft Dealers

air.one has launched its Certified Dealer program an invitation-only network designed to preserve the integrity of the aircraft marketplace.

This environment enables Certified Dealers to list, search, identify, and compare Wanted and Off-Market aircraft for sale online through an exclusive network of the worlds premier aircraft dealers.

The air.one Team is working closely with industry peak bodies and ongoing peer review to identify and promote the world’s premier aircraft dealers via its advanced aircraft marketplace.

In parallel with the Certified Aircraft Dealer program, air.one have launched an Off-Market Aircraft environment offering Certified Dealers the ability to pre-market aircraft within the exclusive network of aircraft brokers and dealers testing the market and establishing price expectations prior to the aircraft moving to an On-Market status, if not sold prior.

The Certified Dealer program is invitation only, sumbissions can be made to the air.one team supported by 2 references from existing Certified Dealers, restricted access has been implemetned to limit potential abuse of this service, login or register below to become a Certified Dealer.

Become a Certified Dealer >>

Certified Dealer Benefits

  • Exclusive access to Off-Market Listings
  • Exclusive access to Wanted Listings
  • Unlimited Wanted, On and Off-Market Listings
  • Unlimited Dealer Agent Profiles
  • All On-Market listings rank higher in search results
  • Company profile ranks higher in Dealer Directory

Off-Market Aircraft Benefits

  • Exclusive to Certified Dealers
  • Unlimited Off-Market / Wanted listings
  • Pre-market aircraft to Certified Dealers
  • Move on-market if not already sold
  • Manage On and Off-Market / Wanted inventory
  • No general public access

About air.one

air.one – a more effective aircraft marketplace, creating greater transparency and liquidity in the aircraft market for the benefit of all stakeholders.