Good Airmanship Policy 

 We invite you to ask questions and submit answers on’s public boards (including, without limitation, Dealer Reviews) but in doing so, we ask that you follow our Good Airmanship Policy: 



Be respectful of others: 

  • Be honest 
  • Post information that is appropriate and in context with aircraft 
  • Use good judgment 
  • Think Golden Rule 
  • Respect the privacy of your fellow aviators, dealers and brokers 


Not Good 

Please don’t post inappropriate content: 

  • Stating a discriminatory preference in an advertisement for aircraft or services is illegal 
  • Any other discriminatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, or libelous content 
  • Other illegal communication, or disclosure of confidential or sensitive information 
  • Uploading photos or content that infringes copyright 
  • Spam, advertising, or self-promotional content is not allowed in Dealer Reviews or other public boards. This includes, but is not limited to, any contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or website URLs 
  • Using more than one account or alias to post content on public boards for the same brand or company. 


The Last Word 

If we feel any content is inappropriate or off-topic, we reserve the right to remove it and, if we deem necessary, restrict access. Basically, respect other aviators on the site. Be a good airman. And, if you see anything that is inappropriate, please report it. That’s it! We enjoy having you here and want to thank you for helping make more useful for everyone. 

The Team 

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