Art Meets Aviation

With the ability to operate on Land, Air and the Sea, the stunning Icon A5 is stunning product of function. Regardless of your flying experience, this aircraft will introduce you to a world like you have never seen it before. The dramatic appearance and experience to match, the Icon A5 defines sport flying, with its amphibious capabilities, folding wings and custom trailer, you can take your aircraft with you everywhere.

Effortless and Simple

Design and experience are at the forefront of the Icon development, from the cockpit to the wings. It takes 1 person just 2 minutes to fold and secure the wings for transport and storage at home in your garage on your custom amphibious trailer.


Icon has and will attract a new audience to flying, with genuine innovation in safety and design. The light sport category of aircraft enables pilots of all levels to enjoy this creation. Step into the cockpit resembling an Italian sports car, take off from the lake, climb ridgelines, pull 2G turns all with the peace of mind of the Spin-Resistant Airframe and Icon Parachute System.

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) / Sport Pilot License (SPL)

The LSA class aircraft are designed to be affordable, lightweight and easy to fly in good weather. A new category of license has been created to remove the barriers to operate this machines. The SPL can be obtained with as little as 20 hours of flying under instruction.


The cockpit centred around the genius and simplicity of the Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator. Everything you need to know.

The Icon A5 has proven itself as the world’s first spin-resistant Light Sport Aircraft, must be experienced to be believed.

In the event of the unexpected, there is a whole of aircraft parachute that will float you gently to the ground (or water) from as a low as a few hundred feet.



Model Year 2019 Deliveries Available

Contact an ICON team for details of 2019 deliveries and limited offers on a custom amphibious trailer.

The customer journey, buying experience and post acquisition support such as pilot conversions are just a few of the many reasons the ICON A5 was awarded the – 2018 Light Sport Aircraft of the Year.

You must experience ICON Aircraft.

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