Airbus / Eurocopter EC135 P2+

Seller's Notes

Cargo Hook, Single Hook (FP)Emergency Floats (FP & RP)EMS Equipment, Aerolite Single Patient

Delivery with a valid Export C of A
We offer the Aircraft: “As is”, Ex-Works Latin America

Aircraft Details
Flight Rules IFR
Flight Deck BendixKing
Year 2006
Airframe TTSN 6232
Configuration EMS
Landing Gear High-Skids
Passenger Seats 4
Exterior Color Bright Blue
Exterior Detail White
Interior Color Blue
Interior Finish Vinyl
Aircraft Location Latin America
  • ADF
  • Cargo Hook
  • DME
  • ELT
  • Emergency Floats
  • EMS Kit
  • GPS
  • HISL
  • ILS
  • Radar Altimeter
  • TCAS
  • VHF
  • VHF FM
  • VOR
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