Robinson R44 Raven I

Seller's Notes

New –

Affordable luxury defines the Raven I.

Standard features include a precision-engineered RPM governor, a durable rotor brake, an auxiliary fuel system for added versatility and longer range, a powerful heater/defogger, and hydraulic power controls that completely eliminate stick shake and control forces for a smooth, relaxing ride.

Aircraft Details
Serial Number TBA
Registration TBA
Year 2018
Flight Deck Analog
Passenger Seats 4
Landing Gear Skids
Warranty AF Yr 2020
Empty Weight (lbs) 1442
Useful Load (lbs) 958
Exterior Color White
Exterior Detail Midnight Blue
Exterior Year 2018
Interior Color Charcoal
Interior Finish Velour
Interior Year 2018
Aircraft Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Dual Controls
  • VFR
  • Dual VHF
  • Mode-S Transponder
  • ADS-B Out
  • ELT
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