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The Piston Twin showroom is a free comprehensive database of every piston twin aircraft for sale by the respective manufacturers. enables aircraft buyers to research, compare and buy piston twins, taking advantage of the exclusive Price.

There are 12 piston twin aircraft types produced by 5 manufacturers, assessing the mission criteria and suitable types is a complex process especially when the piston twin aircraft manufacturers present their performance data in an inconsistent manner and in most cases withhold pricing. has standardized performance and specifications across all piston twin types and published the OEM List price in an effort to bring transparency to piston twin buyers.

The Price for piston twin aircraft offers buyers using the procurement service exclusive access to wholesale savings across the full range of piston twins for sale.


Piston Twin Aircraft Categories

Personal + Corporate Piston Twins – Ranging from the Diamond DA62 with max seating up to 7 (Pilot + 6 passenger seats) with a range of 1,283 nm, up to the Beechcraft Baron G58 with max seating up to 6 (Pilot + 5 passenger seats) with a range of 1,480 nm.

Piston Twin Pilot Trainers – Ranging from the Tecnam P2006T with max seating up to 4 passengers (Pilot + 3) with a range of 669 nm, up to the Piper Seneca V with max seating up to 6 (Pilot + 5 passenger seats) with a range of 828 nm.


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