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Daher Aircraft are the manufacturer of the TBM 900 and Kodiak 100 aircraft among many specialty components for other OEM’s such as the Gulfstream G700 winglets.

The TBM 900 family (TBM 910 & TBM 940) is built on 100 years of innovation as an evolution of Morane-Sauliner / Socata TBM, with the aircraft now owned, developed and manufactured by Daher Aircraft.

The Kodiak 100 was originally developed by Quest Aircraft (Quest Kodiak 100), with the Quest Aircraft company being acquired by Daher Aircraft giving them an advanced manufacturing facility and an incredibly versatile turboprop in the family.


Daher TBM 900 – Turboprop

The TBM 900 is a high-performance single engine turboprop that compete meets or exceeds the performance of most VLJs (Very Light Jets), marketed as 2 variants the TBM 910 and TBM 940.

The TBM 910 is equipped with Garmin G1000 GXi, whilst the TBM 940 is equipped with the Garmin G3000 with the addition of auto throttle. The TBM 930 has been superseded by the TBM 940 since the inclusion of the auto throttle technology.

The TBM940 has implemented the pioneering "HomeSafe" feature based on the Garmin Autoland technology. The TBM HomeSafe feature allows pilot or passenger to enable Autoland from the touch of a single button, automatically directing the aircraft to the nearest suitable airport and runway to safely land the aircraft without any manual input from its occupants. The TBM940 will also offer the Garmin GWX-75 doppler weather radar to add to its impressive Garmin G3000 avionics suite.

The Daher Kodiak TBM 900 Series has 6-seats (pilot +5), a max cruise speed of 330 kts and a max range of 1,594 nm.


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Daher (Quest) Kodiak 100 - Series II – Turboprop

The Daher (Quest) Kodiak 100 – Series II is arguably the most rugged and reliable aircraft in its class. The 10-seat high-wing single-engine turboprop was developed in response to the successful Cessna Caravan, taking everything, it does well and enhancing it. The Kodiak 100 has longer range, takes off shorter and carries more the Cessna 208B caravan.

The Daher (Quest) Kodiak 100 – Series II has a cruise speed of 183 kts and a max range of 1,132 nm.


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