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MD Helicopters (previously McDonnell Douglas / Hughes) is the manufacturer of the famed MD500 (Hughes 500) with the latest variant being the MD500E model. MD Helicopters is also responsible for the implementation and commercialization of the NOTAR, whereby a directional fan replaces the tail rotor for anti-torque control, achieving dramatic noise reduction although at the expense of performance in hot / high conditions.


MD Helicopters MD500E, MD530F, MD520N & MD600N – Light Single

The MD500E is the pilot’s choice of helicopters with direct feedback from the 5-blade fully articulated rotor head and the ultra-reliable and low-cost Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20B engine. With class leading performance in hot and high conditions, a max speed of 135 kts, the only limitations of this aircraft are its range of 258 nm and 4 seats (pilot + 3).

The MD530F builds on the already highly capable airframe, by replacing the engine with the Rolls Royce Allison 250-C30 producing 650 horsepower rather than 420 hp in the MD500E. The MD530F gains significant advantage in rate of climb and performance at altitude although its range is reduced to 216 nm due to higher fuel burn.

The MD520N introduces the NOTAR to the MD500 airframe for significantly reduced noise footprint. The NOTAR does reduce all-around performance with a cruise speed of 123 kts and range of only 216 nm.

The MD600N is a stretched version of the MD500, with max seating for 6 (pilot + 5 passengers) with a cruise speed of 134 kts and max range of 341 nm. The MD600N also incorporates the innovative NOTAR technology.


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MD Helicopters MD902 Explorer – Light Twin

The MD902 Explorer is a light twin turbine helicopter incorporating the NOTAR technology for ultra-quiet operations, ideal for built up areas and private yachts. The MD902 seats up to 8 (pilot + 7 passengers), a cruise speed of 131 kts and a max range of 317 nm.


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