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Pilatus Aircraft is a Swiss aircraft manufacturer famed for its rugged turboprop aircraft and more recently its “Super Versatile Jet” in the Light Jet category. Pilatus is the manufacturer responsible for the Pilatus Porter PC-6, the Pilatus PC-12 and the PC-24 Jet.

Pilatus has have consistently designed aircraft focused on off-field capabilities with interior configurations targeting cargo, corporate and aero medical customers with each of their aircraft incorporating the unique aft cargo door enabling easy ingress and egress of oversized luggage and stretchers in the case of air ambulance operations.

The powerful and reliable PT6 powered single turboprop PC-12 brought about a shift by many commercial operators from the twin turboprop Beechcraft KingAir aircraft to the lower operating cost of the class leading single.


Pilatus PC-12 NGX – Turboprop

The Pilatus PC-12 NGX is a single engine turboprop widely adopted by corporate flight departments, commercial air shuttle (Surf Air), air ambulance operators (Royal Flying Doctors Service) and private owners in a VIP configuration. With a typical seating configuration of 8 passengers and a max range of 1,883 nm.

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Pilatus PC-24 – Light Jet

The Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet is so named due to its off-field capabilities, enabling the aircraft to safely operate on grass, gravel and other unimproved surfaces. The rugged landing gear combined with the aft cargo door make the aircraft ideal for private owners wanting the ultimate utility vehicle. With standard seating for 8 passengers and a max range of 2,143 nm.

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