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Sikorsky Helicopters (subsidiary of Lockheed Martin) is a manufacturer of medium and heavy lift civil helicopters in addition to its numerous military helicopter development contracts.

Igor Sikorsky was the first person to develop and fly a helicopter in the form that we know them today. The Sikorsky company went on to develop many successful aircraft with two of them remaining in production, the S-76D and S-92.


Sikorsky S-76D – Medium Twin Helicopter

The S-76D is a twin turbine engine helicopter in its 5th generation of the first airframe introduced in 1977. Many advancements have taken place since that time; however, the most recent variant prior was the S-76C++, over which the D model received larger jettisonable windows (to meet constantly evolving O&G requirements), external life rafts, increased horsepower and longer time between overhauls (TBO).

The Sikorsky S-76 as long been used among the US elite as a VIP helicopter, although its primary purpose has been to service the offshore oil and gas market. The S-76D has maximum seating for 12 (2 crew + 10 passengers), a cruise speed of 155 kts and a max range of 441 nm.


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Sikorsky S-92 – Heavy Twin

The Sikorsky S-92 is a long-range heavy lift helicopter developed primarily for the offshore oil and gas market, although there are several examples of VIP S-92 Helicopters in circulation.

The S-92 has a typical seating configuration of 21 (2 crew + 19 passengers), a cruise speed of 155 and a max range of 439 nm.


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