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Leonardo Helicopters (previously Agusta Westland) is a leading manufacturer of turbine helicopters ranging from the widely adopted AW109 family of VIP helicopters through to the most popular offshore oil and gas transport, medium lift helicopter the AW139.


Leonardo AW119 Kx Koala – Light Single

The Leonardo AW119 Kx Koala is based on the AW109 airframe and rotor head with a single turbine engine and high-skid landing gear. The aircraft has had modest commercial success despite the class leading seating capacity, range and speed, likely due to the perceived direct operating costs.

The AW119 Kx has a max seating configuration of 8 (2 crew + 6 passengers), a max cruise speed of 131 kts and a max range of 515 nm.


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Leonardo AW109SP Grand New / AW109 Trekker – Light Twin

The Leonardo AW109SP is the latest variant of the best-selling light twin engine helicopter, being widely adopted in the VIP and EMS segments of the market. With class leading performance and unique design, the 109 is a favorite among European elite.

The AW109 Grand New has a corporate configuration of 8 seats (2 crew + 6 passengers), a cruise speed of 156 kts and a max range of 464 nm.

The AW109 Trekker shares the same airframe and specification although it replaces its retractable wheel landing gear with high skids offering operators more landing options at the expense of only a few knots cruise speed (152 kts) and range 450 nm.


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Leonardo AW169 / AW139 – Medium Twin

The Leonardo AW169 is a medium lift twin turbine helicopter, developed from a clean sheet with class leading performance characteristics and specifications.  The AW169 has seating capacity for 10 (2 crew + 8 passengers), a max cruise speed of 140 kts and a max range of 440 nm.

The Leonardo AW139 is the market leading aircraft in the offshore oil & gas segment and has been widely adopted as a dedicated air ambulance / EMS / SAR platform in markets such as Australia. With capacity for up to 15 passengers or 2 stretchers and 2 hoists (winches), the AW139 has a cruise speed of 165 kts and a max range of 573 nm.


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Leonardo AW189 – Heavy Twin

The Leonardo AW189 is a long range heavy lift turbine helicopter with a high density seating configuration for 19 passengers, a cruise speed of 155 kts and a max range of  651 nm.


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