New turbine helicopters for sale #TurbineHelicopter Part3

May 17, 2018
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The Leonardo (previously Agusta Westland) AW119Kx is the speed, longest range single engine helicopter on the market, at 155kts (178mph) and 535nm (615 miles). It is derived from the highly successful AW109 helicopter with skid landing gear for a more diverse range of missions and up to 7 seat passenger configuration, this aircraft is under represented in its class given its relative value.

The AW119Kx is equipped with the P&WC PT6B-37A producing 1002shp and the Garmin G1000 cockpit.

The most common application for the AW119 is as a VIP / Corporate travel aircraft and may gain greater traction as the twin engine market loses favor to the lower operating cost and proven reliability of the single engine turbine helicopters.

#7 Leonardo AW119Kx – Turbine helicopter for sale

#8 Airbus H135 – Turbine helicopter for sale

The Airbus H135 is the renamed version of the Eurocopter EC135 T3/P3, developed from the Bo105, this twin-turbine helicopter is extensively used throughout Europe as an EMS platform. The additional safety and noise footprint of the fenestron tail rotor combined with the clamshell rear door make for a great inner-city air ambulance platform.

The H135 has the highest useful load of all the light utility helicopters of 3,300lbs, a speed of 136kts and range of 328nm, all powered by two engine options. The FADEC equipped P&WC 206B3 and the Turbomeca Arrius 2B2+, both with a 4,000 hour TBO. The H130 is a single pilot IFR, category A helicopter.

The VIP / corporate passenger market has also adopted the H135 with a highly customisable rear cabin that can be configured from 4-6 passenger seats.

#9 Bell 429 GlobalRanger – Turbine helicopter for sale

The Bell 429 is twin turbine helicopter with an all composite airframe powered by two P&WC PW207D1 engines producing 730shp each. The Bell 429 program was originally derived from the 427 to target the EMS market, incorporating the clamshell doors into the rear of the fuselage. The H130 is a single pilot IFR, category A helicopter.

The 429 has also been successful among VIP / Corporate transport customers however with there is little appetite for twin engine helicopters in the private market given the significant capital and operating cost. A wheeled-landing gear variant known as the 429WLG was produced to suit operators where speed and range are critical.

#10 Leonardo AW109 Grand New – Turbine helicopter for sale

The Leonardo (previously Agusta Westland) AW109 Grand New has been a highly successful type across many applications from SAR, EMS, offshore oil & gas, military and VIP / corporate travel. Chosen for its superior high-speed cruise and range of 154kts (177mph) and 511nm (588 miles) respectively. Leonardo has recently introduced a skid landing gear variant for more diverse mission requirements, known as the AW109 Trekker.

Powered by two P&WC PW207C power plants producing 735shp each, the AW109 Grand New is a leader in it’s class meeting the requirements for single pilot IFR, category A performance.

The advanced performance of the AW109 is matched by a considerably high capital and operating cost. The high cost and overwhelming success of the Leonardo AW139 in the EMS market, has brought about a soft secondary market for the AW109 in the current market.

New turbine helicopters for sale by OEM

ManufacturerTypePaxUseful LoadRangeSpeedEnginesEngine MakeEngine Model
Bell505415003061251TurbomecaArrius 2R
Bell407 GXi625503371401Rolls-RoyceM250-C47E/4
Bell429 WLG722854211541P&WCPW207D1
AirbusH125524093361371TurbomecaArriel 2D
AirbusH130723063331281TurbomecaArriel 2D
AirbusH135633033281362Turbomeca / P&WCArrius 2B2+ / 206B3
LeonardoAW009 / SW-4517684061111Rolls-Royce250 C20-R/2SP
LeonardoAW109 Power627785031542P&WC / TurbomecaPW206C / Arrius 2K1
LeonardoAW109 Trekker627785031542P&WCPW207C
LeonardoAW109 Grand New627785031542P&WCPW207C
LeonardoAW119 Kx631315351521P&WCPT6B-37A
MD Helicopters500E415192901351Rolls-Royce250-C20B / 250-C20R
MD Helicopters520N417642101231Rolls-Royce250-C30
MD Helicopters530F415092601341Rolls-Royce250-C20R/2
MD Helicopters600N720003801341Rolls-Royce250-C47M
MD Helicopters902 Explorer731253281312P&WCPW207E