Compare Pilatus PC-24, Phenom 300E & Learjet 75 Liberty

In the light jet category, has compared a selection of business jets available for sale (new), including the Pilatus PC-24, Embraer Phenom 300E, and Bombardier LearJet 75 Liberty. However, it should be noted that certain notable models, such as the Cessna Citation CJ3+, CJ4 and Citation XLS+, and the Bombardier LearJet 70, have been omitted from this comparison. Users can create a free profile and conduct their own comparisons using's New Aircraft Showroom, a tool that enables accurate, side-by-side comparisons of every available aircraft on a like-for-like basis. With the comparison tool, users can easily and quickly explore the entire market in seconds.

The light jet market has undergone significant activity in recent years, with the Pilatus PC-24 "Super Versatile Jet" leading the way. This aircraft boasts the ability to take off and land on unimproved runways and features a rear cargo door. The Embraer Phenom 300E has received numerous upgrades, while the Cessna Citation CJ3+ now includes a “+” in its name, and the Bombardier LearJet has undergone a face-lift known as the “Liberty” edition.

While the light jet market remains competitive,'s selection of the Pilatus PC-24 as the 2018 Light Jet of the Year sets a clear favorite for this comparison. The PC-24 offers the lowest list price, lowest direct operating cost, and longest range of the three aircraft compared. Its super versatility and cargo door make it ideal for multi-mission purposes, such as air ambulance transport, accessing remote locations quickly and efficiently, and loading up to three stretchers.

The LearJet 75 boasts a fast cruising speed and a flat floor, which is a rare feature in this class. It comes equipped with thrust reversers and the new LearJet 75 Liberty edition features a luxurious "Executive Suite" cabin with a forward-facing first row of club seats with class-leading legroom and stowable ottoman, as well as a fixed forward pocket door and rear lavatory door.

The Phenom 300E, one of the best-selling jets of all time, is a popular choice among owner-operators and corporate flight departments due to its modest list price, innovative and sleek cabin experience, and the fact that it is certified for single-pilot operations, making it the longest-range and fastest single-pilot jet available. is an aircraft trading platform designed specifically to enhance business information exchange and cooperation among private aviation industry’s participants on aircraft sales & acquisitions.