Compare the Praetor 600, Falcon 900LX & Challenger 650 compares the super mid-size cabin business jets capable of range between 4000-5000 nautical miles. The aircraft selected for the comparison are the Bombardier Challenger 650 vs. Dassault Falcon 900LX vs. Embraer Praetor 600. With a vast difference in the Praetor 600 price compared to the more stablished players in the space, it is impossible to ignore if a 4,000nm aircraft meats your mission requirement. has created the New Aircraft Showroom as a free tool to the market to enable users to accurately compare every available aircraft on a like for like basis, side by side. See how quickly you can compare the entire market in seconds using the comparison tool.

The Preator 600 is the newest entry into the Super Mid-Size business jet category as a variant to the Legacy 500, with Honeywell HTF7500E engines, Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics, 2 long range ventral fuel tanks and extended winglets. The combined result is a drastically improved range of over 4,000nm which puts it in touch with the Challenger 650.

The Falcon 900LX is a leap ahead of both the Challenger 650 and Praetor 600, with the longest cabin in the class and longest range out of the 3 aircraft at 4,750 nautical miles. The priveledge of such size and range does come at a cost however, with a list price of $44.8m as compared to the Praetor 600 of merely $21m.

The Falcon 900LX outperforms the Challenger 650 in many respects despite being larger and heavier and maintining the capacity for more passengers (max cabin configuraiton of 14 PAX). A notable advantage the 900LX has over both (other than range) is the service ceiling of 51,000 ft compared to 41,000 ft in the CL650 and 45,000 ft in the Praetor. The service ceiling is great indicator to the relative performance in hot and high conditions. This is reflected in the take-off field length at 5000 ft elevation and ISA + 10 conditions.

For the economically minded operator, the Embraer Praetor 600 represents extraordinary value albeit with the smallest (most innovative) cabin of the 3 aircraft compared. The Challenger 650 has the widest cabin of the 3 although it gives up ground only just nudging ahead of the Praetor in range, all for a list price almost 50% higher than the Praetor. If range, cabin volume and hot / high performance are a premium you need and have the capacity to pay for, then the 3 sector cabin in the Falcon will no doubt be your choice.