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Airplanes & Helicopters for sale on air.one

air.one is a comprehensive global marketplace for new and used aircraft (fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft), with the relentless mission to develop systems and resources to support the General Aviation ecosystem. air.one offers airplanes & helicopters for sale. Creating an efficient marketplace for the benefit of all stakeholders including buyers, sellers and manufacturers of aircraft. Through its global aircraft marketplace, the search engine for used aircraft (including used fixed wing aircraft and used helicopters), air.one brings together sellers and buyers effectively. Buyers do not need to search for used airplanes & helicopters for sale on multiple seller websites anymore since air.one represents a global marketplace for new and used aircraft dealers and aircraft brokers. Used aircraft regularly transact cross-border, buyers should not limit their search to their respective markets, nor should sellers.

Aircraft brokers, dealers, operators and pilots all over the world drink their morning coffee while browsing featured aircraft for sale and get informed about the current offers for aircraft insurance, aircraft finance for the second hand aircraft market. air.one offer buyers an overview of used planes and used helicopters available on the market with quality transparency. The aircraft marketplace is designed to offer used plane, used helicopter buyers with options to choose aircraft dealers and aircraft brokers by location, aircraft manufacturer, aircraft category (including business jets, turboprops, piston aircraft, commercial jets etc.). air.one aims to provide you with a search engine that could maximize your opportunities to find the best value aircraft possible online from top airplane and helicopter sellers worldwide.

Airplane and helicopter brokers

With airplane and helicopter brokers offering exclusive aircraft listings from all over the world, it is not an easy task to find the offers you are looking for from the many sources. air.one is the marketplace for used airplanes & helicopters for sale which enables aircraft buyers to find the offers and sales they are searching. Next to aircraft brokers, used aircraft are also offered by direct sellers from international aircraft operators (private or commercial aircraft operators). Navigating the aircraft sales and acquisitions process can be complex, Air.One recommends buyers seek professional aircraft dealers assistance in managing your aircraft acquisition. air.one understands the risks in transacting used aircraft, particularly from international markets. We aim to work with only the most trustful and sophisticated aircraft brokers and dealers to reduce the risk of attempted fraud from suspicious buyers and sellers. We encourage users to report any suspicious activity to the air.one team immediately.

New and used aircraft marketplace

Creating an efficient global marketplace for aircraft requires liquidity, air.one is investing heavily in producing resources to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world facilitating aircraft sales transactions effectively and efficiently, saving participants in the market time, money, and energy. The platform provides you with the latest news and reviews of all airplanes & helicopters for sale, featured articles discussing aircraft sales trends, aircraft innovation including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), supersonic aircraft, electric aircraft, drone taxi, commercial space travel, spaceships, commercial passenger jets, airline travel. air.one welcomes sellers of all aircraft types to rely on air.one to do all the heavy lifting advertising aircraft to international buyer

Aircraft manufacturers

air.one provides an environment for aircraft manufacturers (OEMs) to demonstrate their new aircraft, with upgraded avionics, increased gross weights, latest in-flight entertainment, extended range, improved landing gear, lower cabin altitude, max take-off weights, improved payload, reduced fuel burn and increased cruise speed. Aircraft manufacturers represent different market segments and categories with several spanning multiple. Textron Aviation is the parent company to Beechcraft (the manufacturer of the popular King Air TurboProp series and Piston Singles such as the Beech Bonanza and Piston Twins such as the Beech Baron), Cessna (the manufacturer of the Cessna Citation business jet series, Cessna Caravan and Grand Caravan an industry workhorse and one of the most versatile aircraft on the market) and Bell Helicopters (manufacturers of the best known helicopters in history, the UH-1 Huey, Bell Jet Ranger and the Bell 47 or MASH Helicopter). Other popular aircraft manufacturers, categories and types can be found in the list below.