Piston Single Aircraft for sale

Top 10 piston single aircraft for sale in 2018

Top 10 Piston Single Aircraft available for sale in 2018

Piston single aircraft for sale: General Aviation is entering a renaissance period, with a series of new generation clean sheet composite designs and completely re-imagined favourites. It is exciting to see that all the aircraft reviewed offer a glass cockpit option (including Garmin G500, G1000, G1000NXi and G2000) and in many cases a standard feature. The range in avionics options poses a challenge in preparing a fair and accurate comparison of 2018 aircraft for sale as the price can subsequently vary significantly.

In order to establish our Top 10 piston single aircraft for sale, air.one uses aircraft comparison methodology that is driven by 4 primary factors, price, speed, range and useful load. We develop an Aircraft Value Index (AVI) that seeks to identify the aircraft that represents “best value” to the customer within the given sub-segments. The simplified aircraft comparison metric does not take into consideration the individual aircraft owner and pilot mission requirements, for this Air.one recommends you consult a professional aircraft dealer.

Historically best-selling aircraft types such as the Cessna 182, Beech Bonanza and Mooney M20 all offer upgraded cockpits transforming old favourites modern delights, breaking barriers to many weekend warriors.

Manufacturers such as Cirrus continue to lead the market with genuine innovations such as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), keeping loved ones in the air and on the ground feeling safe and secure. Diamond Aircraft building the diesel-engine aircraft revolution. Such airplane innovations attempt to reduce the two largest barriers we encounter… risk & cost.

Despite the relatively high capital costs, Cirrus continue to lead the market on new aircraft deliveries.

6 Seat Piston Single Aircraft for sale

Piper Matrix

The Piper Matrix is the best overall performer in the Air.one Value Index in the 6 seat sub-segment for its superior speed, range and useful load.

The Piper Matrix is a step-up aircraft in many ways, as a high-performance Piston Single Aircraft for sale with retractable landing gear, the aircraft also has a large premium cabin with PAX entering via a rear air-stair.

Similar aircraft include the Piper M350 which is the pressurized version of the Piper Matrix, giving up useful load for the ability to operate in comfort at flight levels. The Beechcraft Bonanza G36 flies faster and further than the Cessna T206 however you will pay a material premium for the benefit.

Cessna T206 Stationair

Not to be forgotten is the almighty Cessna T206 Stationair with the highest useful load index of the 6-seat aircraft. At a respectable 160kts cruise speed, the T206 does not pretend to be a VIP rocket, rather it is unashamedly a go anywhere, lift plenty, utility workhorse.

The modest cruise speed is matched by an equally tolerable purchase price. The T206 is also the only high-wing 6 seat aircraft option which avails itself to Amphib / Floatplane configurations.

High-Performance 4 seat Piston Singles

Cirrus SR22T

It is no surprise that the SR22T is the highest selling Piston Single aircraft, as it represents great value, quality and peace of mind. The base configured SR22T tops the Air.one Value Index despite being substantially outranged by it’s competitors. With this in mind, if you want to regularly fly long cross-country legs then you’ll be better suited to the Mooney M20 series (the M20V is the fastest production Piston Single). The other catch is that a ‘typically configured’ SR22 ramps up in price steeply from the ‘base aircraft’ which can potentially alter the result of your analysis.

It is said that something is only expensive in the absence of value, the SR22 series packs plenty in with its proprietary Perspective+ by Garmin, CAPS and other mod cons such as remote central locking, automatic landing lights.

Lancair Mako Turbo

The unwritten premise of this review was for production aircraft, however after being presented the impressive performance of the Mako Turbo we are compelled to include it into our list of Top10 Piston Single Aircraft for sale.

This giant killer is likely to cause some headaches to the more established manufacturers as it delivers incredible speed, range and useful load at a fraction of the price of the SR22T or the Cessna TTx. The major omission in this statement however is that it is sold as a kit, which is likely to exclude itself from a large portion of buyers.

The price of the Lancair Mako series varies wildly depending on the engine and avionics choices, however it is hard to overlook a 220kt cruise, 1,250nm range and a 1,300lb useful load.

Cessna TTx

The Cessna TTx has impressive overall performance with 235kt cruise and a 1270nm range. This outperforms the SR22T on both counts, however it lands short on useful load (and a parachute).

If you are seeking high-performance and quality craftmanship from the Cessna stable then you TTx is your aircraft. Incorporating the Garmin G2000 flight deck you are one step closer to the Cessna Citation experience.

4 seat Piston Singles

Maule MX-7

Perhaps an unlikely place to start, the Maule MX-7-180B is a beast and it is an affordable (relatively) Piston Single Aircraft for sale. Pictured here as an Oleo Strut Tail Dragger, it is also available with conventional tri-wheel landing gear. The STOL aircraft can haul over 1,000lbs with a cruise speed of 120kts and a range of 930nm.

The MX-7 may seem out of place among the likes of the SR-22 and the 182 with a higher finish quality and more advanced G1000 flight deck, however it’s performance boosts it into similar territory. If you want to travel a long way for a little, you can get into the base model (standard with JPI EDM-930) MX-7 from $255,000.

Cirrus SR22

Among the 4 seat Piston Single Aircraft there is clear leader by just about every measure, including new aircraft deliveries. The normally aspirated SR22 is the 2nd highest selling Piston Single Aircraft for sale, only to its turbo sibling.

The Cessna 182 Skylane and Cessna 172 JT-A with their high-wing, rugged gear they will likely remain a favourite among utility operators wishing to operate on unsealed runways. With a similar purchase price to the SR22 they both score modestly on the Air.one Value Index.

Tecnam P2010 ‘Twenty Ten’

Introduced in 2014, the FAR 23 aircraft with composite fuselage and aluminium is apparently underrated compared to its LSA approved siblings. The P2010 performs well across the board on the Air.one Value Index.

The performance of the aircraft sits right among that of the Diamond DA40 series, however the Tecnam is moderately cheaper due to the base model avionics suite is a day VFR Garmin G500 vs. the DA40’s Garmin G1000. This relative value is not yet been reflected in market penetration.

Diamond DA40 NG

The Diamond DA40 NG boasting 170hp AE300 Turbo operating on Jet A1 bats above its weight with a high-speed cruise of 154kts. Like the Tecnam the DA40 has a composite airframe, whilst it has a higher purchase price the new aircraft is delivered standard with Garmin G1000NXi and can be optioned to include GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System.

None of the above comes for free and the DA40 NG carries a considerable price tag, further analysis by a professional independent aircraft dealer will determine the extent of the operating cost benefit to your typical mission.

Piper Warrior

The Piper Warrior III is the most economical of the production 4 seat Piston Singles equipped with an updated flight deck (Garmin G500). This proven platform with the all metal fuselage will keep you flying on a budget.

The Warrior scores highly on the Air.one Value Index in cruise speed and useful load as it will carry a considerable useful load of 910lbs at 115kts. Whilst the Warrior is outperformed in these categories, the purchase price more than compensates for the modest performance.

Manufacturer Type Cruise Speed (kts) Range (nm) Useful Load (lbs)
Piper Matrix 213 1334 1308
Cessna T206 HD 161 703 1264
Cirrus SR22T G6 213 947 1248
Lancair Mako Turbo 220 1250 1300
Cessna TTx 235 1270 1065
Maule MX-7-180B 120 932 1030
Cirrus SR22 183 1049 1330
Tecnam P2010 Twenty-Ten 137 600 925
Diamond DA40 NG 154 715 950
Piper Warrior 115 513 910