Top 10 used aircraft for sale: Used aircraft markets like any other require liquidity to gain any degree of efficiency for buyers and seller. A market of over-supply puts downward pressure on values, creating a buyers’ market and vice versa.

Top 10 used aircraft for sale: New aircraft innovations, changes in local economic conditions, changes in utility value of an aircraft through time, all affect the supply and demand for used airplanes and helicopters.

We are entering an extraordinary period of innovation in the aviation sector with electric aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, rockets and enhancements to traditional aircraft types improving the safety for operators and passengers. Improved aircraft avionics and stability augmentation systems (SAS) make the flying experience more accessible to the private pilot than ever before.

This following list demonstrates the Top 10 used aircraft for sale, based on the number listed for sale on, the marketplace for new and used aircraft. Do not be put off by the volume of aircraft for sale in all cases, many are victims of their own success, with tens of thousands of aircraft produced over 50 years.

Top 10 used aircraft for sale

  1. Beechcraft King Air 90/100 Series
  2. Cirrus SR22 Series
  3. Cessna 182 Skylane Series
  4. Cessna Citation 525 Series
  5. Beechcraft Baron 58 Series
  6. Beechcraft King Air 200 Series
  7. Robinson R44 Series
  8. Cessna Citation 550 Series
  9. AgustaWestland AW109 Series
  10. Mooney M20 Series

1. Beechcraft King Air 90/100 Series aircraft for sale.

The smallest of highly successful King Air series, the most recent variant marketed by the Beechcraft brand as the C90GTx. This pressurized Twin TurboProp powerhouse has an exceptional mix of passenger comfort and the performance of a short-field utility aircraft placing it in the shortlist of ranchers worldwide.

The twin vs. single engine aircraft debate will rage for eternity, however there has been a rise of many successful single TurboProp aircraft with similar capability and comfort as the King Air series which offer in some cases considerably lower capital outlay and operating costs (e.g. the Pilatus PC-12). The sales success and safety record of such single engine aircraft have no doubt impacted the values and availability of the King Air series aircraft for sale.

2. Cirrus SR22 series aircraft for sale.

The Cirrus SR22 aircraft has revolutionized flying for may pilots, as they gain comfort from the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). The SR22 has been the best-selling aircraft in its class since 2002 for good reason. Cirrus have been investing heavily in innovation introducing many features to this aircraft that consumers have demanded from the automotive industry for decades.

This 4 seat low wing Piston Single aircraft is the benchmark for many private pilots. Despite the many Cirrus SR22 for sale, the supply is easily matched by the demand for this aircraft.

3. Cessna 182 Skylane Series aircraft for sale.

With over 23,000 Cessna 182 produced since it’s introduction in 1956, there are few aircraft that could rival its success. This Piston Single aircraft has many variants including retractable landing gear and turbocharged engines. Regardless of the variant this 4 seat high wing, rugged aircraft is the perfect platform for private pilot touring.

High wing aircraft is simply a matter of preference for many pilots, preferring to keep the sun off their head and improved visibility when flying low over terrain. In the context of the number built, there are remarkably few Cessna 182 Skylane for sale. The strength and loyalty of the Cessna 182 market is sign of good value retention.

4. Cessna Citation 525 Series aircraft for sale.

The Cessna Citation 525 series consists of the Citation Jet, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, M2 variants, which despite carrying the same type certificate are materially different in size and performance. The Citation 525 is arguably the most successful light jet on the market with 2,000+ aircraft produced since 1991. Among the reasons for success is the single crew operations for the type which allows owner pilots the freedom to fly the aircraft themselves and reduced operating costs for commercial operators.

The light jet market remains liquid with regular transactions as private and business fleet operators trade up to mid-size jets. The introduction of various very light jets (VLJ) such as the Cirrus SF50, may begin to attract owner pilots away from the Cessna Citation 525 and Embraer Phenom Jet series.

5. Beechcraft Baron 58 Series aircraft for sale.

Another one of the Top 10 used aircraft for sale is the Beechcraft Baron 58 Series is a 6 seat Piston Twin aircraft that first graced the skies in 1969. This unpressurized gentleman’s tourer has club seating and rear cargo doors and cruises at a respectable 200 knots. There are numerous variants including turbocharged and pressurized fuselage.

The market for Piston Twin aircraft has languished as single engine aircraft design, safety and performance has improved over the decades, while operators focus heavily on operating costs. New Piston Singles aircraft sales outstrips Piston Twins by a factor of 7, while single TurboProps outsell Piston Twins by a factor of 4. This is perhaps the reason we see meaningful numbers of the Beechcraft Baron for sale on the second hand aircraft market. Its one of the Top 10 used aircraft for sale.

6. Beechcraft King Air 200 Series aircraft for sale.

The Beechcraft King Air 200/250 is a pressurized Twin TurboProp aircraft. The King Air 200/250 can be just about anything you want, from a genuine business aircraft with the refinements you’d expect in a business jet, to an aeromedical workhorse routinely landing on dirt or grass airstrips.

Like the King Air 90 series, there are a considerable number of King Air 200 series aircraft for sale, which is largely due to the lower cost single TurboProp aircraft offering comparable performance and comfort. We believe it is a buyers’ market for most Twin TurboProps with all the demand coming from a relatively illiquid utility application of the aircraft type. 2016 saw 4 times the number of single TurboProps delivered as Twin TurboProps.

7. Robinson R44 Series aircraft for sale.

The Robinson R44 series have had a profound impact on the light helicopter market, halving the capital cost and operating cost of the entry level Turbine Helicopters. The 4 seat helicopter cruises at 100 knots, although has little room for much else. The R44 is perhaps the most successful Piston Helicopter with 6,000 delivered aircraft and this is why its one of the Top 10 used aircraft for sale.

There are a large number of R44 for sale, although this is not surprising as this aircraft has a life limited airframe (12 years of 2,200 hours whichever comes first), which encourages trading of aircraft as commercial operators and private operators have different usage rates hours/years. This trading behaviour improves liquidity in this market, as such there are few bargains to be found.

8. Cessna Citation 550 Series aircraft for sale.

The Cessna Citation 550 Series includes variants such as the Citation II, Citation II/SP (Single Pilot certified), Citation S/II and the Citation Bravo. The Citation Bravo was the latest and most refined of the series with the introduction of the Pratt & Whitney PW530A engine, trailing-link landing gear and the Honeywell Primus glass cockpit. Production ceased in 2006, as a result all airframes still operating are headed toward heavy maintenance, resulting in prohibitively high operating costs for operators from this point forward.

Advances in technology, aging airframes, replacement types being introduced by Cessna and competitors translate to the prices observed on the used Cessna Citation 550 for sale on the market. This is a buyers’ market.

9. AgustaWestland AW109 Series aircraft for sale.

The AgustaWestland AW109 series is a retractable wheeled landing gear, twin Turbine Helicopter which can be configured for up to 8 seats including crew. This beautiful aircraft has been highly successful among VIP customers and military operators around the world. The AW109 and the single engine variant the AW119 Koala (A119) are known for the high-speed cruise of 140+ knots, large club cabin, but also it’s relatively high operating costs. The AW109 Series is built by the Leonardo Company (Finmeccanica), it includes many type variants, with the current in-production variants being the AW109 SP Grand New, Trekker (with skids in place of the retractable gear).

The capital and operating costs of the AW109 have driven many private operators to aircraft such as the Bell 407 and Airbus Helicopters H125 (AS350) where twin engine operations are not mandatory. The introduction of the AW169 and the peak performing AW139 have attracted many of the EMS / air ambulance / utility / passenger transport customers away from the 109. As such we currently observe a material number of AgustaWestland AW109’s for sale on The market has unjustly driven the price of the used aircraft down on this type given the relative performance.

10. Mooney M20 Series aircraft for sale.

Touted as the world’s fastest Piston Single production aircraft, the immensely successful Mooney M20 Series is a low wing, Piston Single aircraft with retractable landing gear. The series includes many variants of the 60-year history of the aircraft type, with 11,000+ aircraft produced. The current production of the company under new ownership, include the Mooney M20V Acclaim Ultra (turbocharged variant) and the Mooney M20U Ovation Ultra (normally aspirated variant).

The company has recently re-invested itself and re-introduced the M20 with largely superficial upgrades to the interior and fuselage. The M20 is in a class of its own regarding performance although remains in a competitive segment of the market, being 4 seat Piston Single aircraft. Included in his market are a new wave of composite aircraft such as Diamond, Cirrus SR22 and Cessna TTx. There are a considerable number of Mooney M20 aircraft for sale on It is one of the Top 10 used aircraft for sale.

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