Wanted Aircraft

air.one has launched its Wanted Aircraft in parallel to its Off-Market Aircraft environment offered exclusively to its Premier Dealers.

This environment enables Premier Dealers to list, search, identify, and compare Wanted aircraft online through an exclusive network of the worlds premier aircraft dealers identifying opportunities ahead of the general public.

In a first to the aircraft market, aircraft dealers can list Wanted, Off-Market and On-Market aircraft for sale on the same platform, offering them comprehensive inventory management experience. Premier Dealer and their agents can available aircraft for sale off-market in an exclusive Premier Dealer only environment.

The Waned Aircraft environment has been limited to Premier Dealers only in order to limit potential abuse of this service, login or register below to become a Premier Dealer.

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Wanted Aircraft Benefits

  • Exclusive to Premier Dealers
  • Unlimited Wanted Listings
  • Seek Off-Market deals from Premier Dealers
  • Access deals ahead of the market
  • Manage Wanted, On and Off-Market inventory
  • No general public access

Premier Dealer Benefits

  • Exclusive access to Off-Market Listings
  • Exclusive access to Wanted Listings
  • Unlimited Wanted, On and Off-Market Listings
  • Unlimited Dealer Agent Profiles
  • All On-Market listings rank higher in search results
  • Company profile ranks higher in Dealer Directory

About air.one

air.one – a more effective aircraft marketplace, creating greater transparency and liquidity in the market for the benefit of all stakeholders.