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What Is air.one

AIR.ONE is a community-based marketplace specifically tailored for the aviation industry, it is a technology platform built by and for the aircraft community.

air.one provides an exclusive forum designed for participants in the aircraft industry, including aircraft owners & buyers, brokers, dealers, OEMs, appraisers, operators, and professionals of the aviation industry.

Our platform offers a practical collaboration tool that facilitates the growth of sales, acquisitions and services for its members. Qualifying members can share leads and significant information among each other.

air.one offers to its qualifying members governance mechanism that puts the power in the hands of the community, where members can not only advertise, collaborate and share information, but participate in decision-making of the platform.

By joining air.one, members can not only enjoy lower costs and benefits at all stages but obtain access to the best services providers in the aviation industry, including escrow companies, aviation attorneys, financiers, valuators, insurers and more.

We aim to be a truly global meeting point where members can network, share ideas, and keep engaged 24/7.