What Is air.one

air.one is a technology platform that enables users to make informed aircraft buying decisions with a price transparency guarantee, for a great aircraft buying experience.

air.one’s market intelligence and buying power translate to the best new aircraft pricing available in the market at any given time. For an efficient and robust transaction that goes well beyond the best price, air.one utilizes its proprietary technology to provide aircraft buyers an efficient and secure transaction including private, corporate, charter fleet operators and governments globally.

Buyers are assigned a professional agent that will advise on and manage the transaction for you from start to finish. In the event the new aircraft buyer wishes to dispose of an existing asset, air.one’s global network of Premier Dealers can be activated to represent the sale of your pre-owned aircraft on our used aircraft marketplace.

With global access to a panel of aviation attorneys, financiers and insurers, air.one is uniquely placed to execute an efficient transaction that meets the buyer’s specific needs, no matter the mission.

What Is The air.one Price

The air.one Price is the estimated purchase price a buyer can expect to pay for a new aircraft exclusively when using the air.one procurement service.

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