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Bell Helicopters (Bell Flight) is the leading manufacturer of turbine helicopters across all categories. with a deep history in military lift including light training aircraft and heavy lift personnel carriers.

Bell Helicopters are known for their rugged, reliable and low operating costs, which combined with the sheer volume of airframes in circulation, service centers and availability of parts make Bell a preferred choice among commercial operators.

Bell Helicopters provide a vital role in EMS (Air Ambulance) operations, aerial firefighting, offshore oil and gas production and corporate travel.


Bell 505 JetRanger X / Bell 407 – Light Single

The Bell 206 JetRanger is the most sold helicopter of all time with almost 60 years of continuous production only recently replaced by the Bell 505 JetRanger X. The Bell 505 moved away from its Rolls Royce Allison 250 engine in favor of the Safran (Turbomeca) Arrius 2R engine in pursuit of a FADEC solution to reduce pilot workload and improve safety and reliability. The 505 has 5 seats (pilot + 4) a cruise speed of 125 kts and a max range of 306 nm.

The Bell 407 GXi is the latest evolution of the Bell 407, which itself was developed from the Bell 206L LongRanger family. The Bell 407 has the same cabin configuration as the LongRanger with 2 crew and 5 passengers, although it has a wider cabin and a 4-blade fully articulated rotor head. The 407 has a cruise speed of 133 kts and a max range of 337 nm.


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Bell 429 Global Ranger – Light Twin

The Bell 429 is a clean sheet design light twin turbine helicopter, the first helicopter with a full composite airframe with the external skeleton providing structural support enabling maximum cabin volume.

The Bell 429 WLG (Wheel Landing Gear) is the same airframe and engine, simply offering customers a retractable wheel version which adds a moderate amount of weight, although the improved aerodynamics increase the max cruise speed from 148 kts to 154 kts.

The Bell 429 can be configured for up to 8 seats (2 crew + 6 passengers) with a max range of 365 nm for the skid version and 381 nm for the 429 WLG.


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Bell 412EPi – Medium Twin

The Bell 412 EPi is a medium lift twin turbine helicopter developed from the Bell 212 which itself was developed from the famed “Huey”. With an enlarged cabin, twin engine and 4-blade fully articulated rotor head, the 412 is a true workhorse although not ideally suited for corporate and VIP helicopter configurations given the unique cabin layout. The Bell 412 EPi has seating for up to 14 (2 crew + 12 passengers) has a max cruise speed of 123 kts and a max range of 361 nm.


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Bell 525 Relentless – Heavy Twin

The Bell 525 Relentless is a clean sheet long range, heavy lift twin turbine helicopter currently in development by Bell Flight to target the offshore oil and gas transport market. The Bell 525 has seating capacity of 18 (2 crew + 16 Passengers) and a max range of 580 nm.


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