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The Dassault Falcon Jet family of mid-size and large business jets is synonymous with its 3-jet turbofan (trijet) engines providing its owners and operators generally superior performance on like-for-like payloads and the safety of an additional engine. Falcon Jets thrive in hot and high conditions enabling owners’ access to more airports that its peers in the same categories.

Headquartered in Paris, Dassault has been manufacturing private jets since the introduction of the Falcon 20 in 1965, since then Dassault has produced over 2500 Falcon Jets.


Falcon 2000S / 2000LXS – Mid-Size Jets

The Falcon 2000S and Falcon 2000LXS are twinjet mid-size business jets significantly outperforming and offering the largest cabin cross-section over any other aircraft in the class. The Falcon 2000S has a max range of 3,515 nm while its extended range sibling achieves 4,155 nm from the same aircraft due in part to its advanced aerodynamics and winglets improving fuel efficiency and reducing noise inside and out.

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Falcon 900LX – Super Mid-Size Jet

The Falcon 900LX is the smallest of the Falcon trijet family, achieving the highest speed and longest max range in its class of 4,750nm.

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Falcon 6X, 7X, 8X – Large Jets

The Falcon 8X is the flagship private jet from Dassault, their longest range and largest jet ever produced with a max range of 6,450 nm. The Falcon 7X shares the same cabin cross-section as the 8X although is 3.5 ft shorter in the cabin and 500 nm shorter in range. The Falcon 6X is the largest twinjet that Dassault have developed, with an expected max range of 5,500 nm it is anticipated that it will enter into service in 2022.

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