– New Aircraft Showroom – ‘New Aircraft Showroom’, the ultimate aircraft buyers guide.

The – New Aircraft Showroom is intended to better inform prospective aircraft buyers globally, having compiled the most comprehensive set of aircraft price performance data, dimensions, weights, avionics and standard features. The Showroom presents data from 60+ aircraft manufacturers ranging between Business Jets, Helicopters and Experimental Kit airplanes.

The showroom is open to the market, with any interested stakeholder able to access the data with a free profile. Compare and share all new aircraft side-by-side, line-by-line in one place. You will never have to create another spreadsheet again.

Compare new aircraft across all categories, Business Jets (including sub-categories, VIP Airliners, Large Jets, Super Mid-Size Jets, Mid-Size Jets, Light Jets, Very Light Jets), Twin-Turboprops (including sub-categories, Float / Amphib), Turboprops (including sub-categories, STOL aircraft, Float / Amphib), Turbine Helicopters (including sub-categories, Heavy Twins, Medium Twins, Light Twins, Light Single Turbine Helicopters), Piston Helicopters, Piston Single Planes (including sub-categories, Light Sport Aircraft – LSA, Performance Singles, Float / Amphibs, STOL Aircraft, Experimental Aircraft).

The New Aircraft Showroom creates a valuable trusted relationship between the aircraft manufacturers and ‘in-market’ aircraft buyers, generating qualified leads through the call to action button ‘Contact Sales’ on each aircraft, reducing the sales cycle and cost of sales for the manufacturers. created this tool to improve transparency around price and data in the market. holds the firm belief that greater transparency generates higher liquidity in the market benefiting all stakeholders. The tool is offered to the market open source reducing the workload of thousands of buyers and professional advisers in the sector.

“We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Transparent price and performance data generate higher quality leads, attracting informed buyers more inclined to transact.” said founder Andrew Leece.

The Team is always working with the manufacturers to improve the tool. Quest and Icon Aircraft offer the most complete data set, creating the benchmark in the Turboprop and Piston categories.