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Cirrus Aircraft has risen to become the best-selling aircraft for almost a decade, with an astonishing rise to the top, it is quickly apparent why when one explores the ethos and focus on innovation especially when it comes to safety. While many legacy manufacturers continue to build their robust aircraft designs from the 60’s and 70’s, Cirrus have led the way with clean sheet designs of the SR20, SR22 and now the SF50 Vision Jet all of which come standard with the revolutionary CAPS® – Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. Whilst CAPS® has drawn criticism by many old-world pilots and manufacturers, it is undeniable that CAPS® offers peace of mind to the pilot and their passengers travelling across land and sea in a single engine aircraft.

The Cirrus SR20 G6, SR22 G6 and SR22T G6 offer owner pilots incredible freedom with generous cabin dimensions, speed and range and whilst on the upper end of the price range, you pay for what you get. With attention to detail inside and out, Cirrus owners are greeted with many mod cons they have come to take for granted in their luxury cars such as advanced touch screen avionics, LED lights and remote central locking.

The SF50 Vision Jet is the latest example of Cirrus’ quest for innovation, presenting the first certified single engine business jet.


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The Cirrus SR20 is marketed primarily to flight school operations as the perfect step up platform into the world of performance pistons, it has a max seating configuration of 5 seats (Pilot + 4 passengers) with a max range of 709 nm. The SR22 and SR22T also have a max seating configuration of 5 seats although the performance and range are significantly enhanced with 1,169 nm and 1,021 nm respectively. The SR22T whilst heavier, offers additional power over the SR22 enabling it to climb higher and faster for those operating in hot and high conditions.

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Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Vision Jet G2 - VLJ

The Vision Jet G2 improves on the first generation SF50 with the inclusion of the pioneering "Safe Return" based on the Garmin Autoland technology. The Cirrus Safe Return feature allows pilot or passenger to enable Autoland from the touch of a single button, automatically directing the aircraft to the nearest suitable airport and runway to safely land the aircraft without any manual input from its occupants.

The Vision Jet has a max seating configuration of 7 seats (Pilot +6 passengers, designed for 5 adults and 2 children) with a range of 1,219 nm and a max cruise speed of 305 kts.

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