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Guimbal Helicopters is the vision of Bruno Guimbal who was a lead engineer on the Fenestron tail rotor technology for Airbus Helicopters. The French helicopter manufacturer has proven to be highly successful in a niche market of 2-seat piston helicopters with the development of the Cabri G2.

Guimbal helicopters are known for their advanced technology and low operating costs on a through life ownership basis, taking into account overhauls and residual value.


Guimbal Cabri G2 – Piston Helicopter

The Guimbal Carbi G2 is a 2-seat piston helicopter with 2 major design benefits over its competitors, the first being the only piston helicopter to include the quiet and effective Fenestron tail rotor, and the inclusion of a 3-blade fully articulated rotor head which significantly improves handling performance and safety compared to a 2-blade teetering head.

The Cabri G2 also features a full composite airframe, crash resistant fuel cell, energy absorbing crash resistant seats and an enhanced cockpit experience with refined finishes.

The Guimbal Cabri G2 has a max cruise speed of 100 kts, 4.5 hrs endurance, 595 lbs payload and a max range of 406 nm.


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