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The Honda Aircraft Corporation produces only one very light jet (VLJ) model, the HondaJet Elite (HA-420). The first HondaJet was delivered in 2015 from its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The HondaJet is unique by design with its twin turbofan engines mounted over the wings rather than the fuselage enabling substantially more room in the aft cabin, which Honda utilized by added a standard aft lavatory.


HondaJet Elite – VLJ

The HondaJet Elite is the 2nd generation of the HondaJet with 5 passenger seats including a belted aft lavatory. The Elite model has numerous advancements that can be retrofitted to 1st generation aircraft for $250k, including an increased max range of 1,437 nm due achieved through an auxiliary fuel tank (a 17% increase). The upgrade includes newly designed nacelles for a quieter ride, upgraded avionics and other performance enhancements.

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